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full coverage of the first season of this series

today: s1, e3

Even more of Lena Dunham

Devil Seed

aka The Devil In Me (2012)

Soon to be released horror DVD.

Vanessa Broze: provides most of the nudity as the slutty roommate. (FILM CLIP HERE)

Michelle Argyris: brassiere as the virgin raped by an evil entity.

Shantelle Canzanese: sexy as the goody-two-shoe roommate who
wakes up to find her virgin roommate eating out her pussy.

Danielle White: topless as possessed girl at beginning. (FILM CLIP HERE)

Sabrina D'Amour: very sexy.

Louise Hollingsworth: not sexy as old psychic.


Michelle Argyris: cheerleader pic: Her specialty seems to be doing high kicks in red panties.

Michelle Argyris: modeling pic: bare midriff.

Shantelle Canzanese: bra and panties in Urban Legends episode.

Sabrina D'Amour: modeling pic: topless.

Danielle White: modeling pic: sexy.

Acid Head: The Buzzard Nuts County Slaughter

(2011; trailer)

The filmmakers recently had a DVD release party although it's not listed on Amazon yet.

Vivita: bare butt.

Less Than Kind

Gone through season 3 and the nudity was male only.

Kate Yacula: bra and panties.

Grown Ups 2


Paulina Gretzky, daughter of Wayne, tweeted some bikini pics of herself while filming on set. The Great One hasn't objected this time because at least she isn't starring in a Steven Seagal movie.

Paulina Gretzky

"Murdoch Mysteries"

episode: "Murdoch of the Klondike"

Season 5 was supposed to air on CBC this Fall but it's currently airing on CityTV as before. Must be the CBC budget cutbacks.

hookers: sexy only.

"The Firm"

episode: "Chapter 17"

Tricia Helfer: bra and panties as she gets down to her legal briefs.

"Just For Laughs: Gags"

TV series

In celebration of this weekend’s Bastille Day in Quebec, here's some sexy French-Canadian babes flashing some unsuspecting anglophones in this hidden camera gag series filmed in Montreal. Most of the gags are on Youtube.

Marie Pierre Bouchard: bikini in the classic "Sexy Bikini Nun" prank.

Marie Pierre Bouchard: bra and panties in "X-Ray Plasma TV”.

Marie Pierre Bouchard: sacre bleu! She flashes a whole boobie in "Girl Loses Top" prank.

Marie-Andree Poulin: Quebec weather babe (pink tank top) and  Marie Pierre Bouchard (blue dress)  in the immortal classic "Honking at Hookers" prank.



Katja Danowski and Karoline Eichhorn in Tod einer Brieftaube (2012)

Mailys Amrous in Polisse (2011) in 720p

Julie Engelbrecht in Berlin 36 (2009)

Edwige Fenech in Zucchero Miele e Peperoncino (1980)

Dagmar Lassander, also in Zucchero Miele e Peperoncino


One more of Lene Nystrom

Two more of Kristen Stewart at Cannes

Sherlyn Chopra will be the first Indian woman to pose for Hef