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That can't be Karen Cliche in "Poor Cecily." She's not listed in the IMDB credits and was only two years old when the movie came out!

You're right. In fact it was filmed before she was born! I have changed the Thursday page to eliminate those pics. Mr Skin also caught the error and amended his update.


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Against All Odds


Continuing a new series of HD material!

Rachel Ward 1920x1080 film clips. See below.


Scoop's note: Against All Odds is a putative remake of a B&W classic from the 1940's, but you probably wouldn't notice that, not even if you have seen both films, unless you happened to watch them back-to-back, as I did. Maybe not even then! Here are my notes.



Today's 1970s clips:

Susan Blakely in Capone (1975)

Xaviera Hollander in My Pleasure (1976)

Tina Aumont in Lifespan (1976)



Film Clips

Maria Lapiedra, Yolanda Ramos, and Mari Cielo Pajares in Torrente 4 (2011). See below

Katherine Randolph in One in the Gun (2010). Director Rolfe Kanefsky had kind of a promising debut in 1992 with a 5.76 score for his maiden film, a self-aware spoof of the horror movie genre. He has not really been able to parlay that initial success into a mainstream career in theatrical films, and has never reached that 5.76 level again.

  1. (5.78) - There's Nothing Out There (1992)
  2. (5.32) - Tomorrow by Midnight (2001)
  3. (5.26) - Dead Scared (2004)
  4. (5.13) - Sex Files: Alien Erotica (1998)
  5. (4.46) - The Erotic Misadventures of the Invisible Man (2003) (V)
  6. (4.22) - Pretty Cool (2006)
  7. (4.11) - Nightmare Man (2006)
  8. (4.07) - Jacqueline Hyde (2005) (V)
  9. (3.38) - Corpses (2004) (V)
  10. (3.23) - Pretty Cool Too (2007)

One in the Gun is rated 4.6, but that's based on a meaningless 10 votes. At any rate, here are some samples from the vid:

Astrid Berges-Frisbey in Un barrage contre le Pacifique (2008) in 1080p. See below.

Lena Nyman and others in I Am Curious (Blue) (1968). This is the companion piece to I Am Curious (Yellow), which was covered by Thirsty Rabbit in the Wednesday page. It seems inconceivable today, but these films were considered groundbreaking in their day. The two films are actually, more or less, the same film with some different scenes, and both of them seem to be a string of random events.

Lena died earlier this year. Here's some info about her and the "Curious" films.

See below.


Belen Rodriguez is a sexy TV presenter/spokesman in Argentina (as well as a model, actress, and singer). She has become rather notorious for her romantic adventures, including a casual attitude toward being caught having sex or getting nekkid in public. Our kind of gal!

Here are her latest escapades

Here is the previous incident.

Alexandra Stewart in Black Moon (1975)

Cathryn Harrison in Black Moon (1975)