Mary-Louise Parker did do a nude scene on this week's Weeds, but (1) she is behind a steamed-up glass pane in her shower, so you can't really see much; (2) she is wearing a fake pregnancy belly.

(The story jumped forward six months from last week's show.)

Here's the scene.



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Drowning by Numbers


part 2

Typically opaque, weird film from peter Greenaway

Jane Gurnett 720p film clips. Collages below.


Juliet Stevenson 720p film clips. Collages below.









Extreme Movie


oday from "Extreme Movie" we have a lovely pair of lasses Cristin Michele (the blonde) & Christina DeRosa playing porn actresses in a movie within a movie. Boobs only but they are nice. Sexy caps and two HD clips.

De Rosa


Both women



TV Land

Over in TV Land, 1989 Miss America Gretchen Carlson, with a little leg & thigh on "Fox & Friends." Caps and an HD clip.














Notes and collages

Female Agents


Deborah Francois















Barbara Lennie film clips, Collages below.








Anna Friel topless in Vanity Fair

Meredith Giangrande in Van Wilder: Freshman Year

Rebecca Cresoff in last week's episode of Hung.

(It's a new series about a guy with a big dick. Stars Tom Jane.)

Film Clips