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(Season 1, 2007)

Californication Season 1 (2007) is a Showtime effort staring David Duchovny. His character is an author who wrote his third successful book, and moved to Hollywood to work on the screenplay with his live-in girlfriend and their young teen daughter. While the movie was successful he felt like the director destroyed his literary masterpiece, and he was so absorbed during the filming that his girlfriend had an affair. He left, but has now discovered that it is her he really wants, after sampling as many other women as possible. Further, he seems to have lost the ability, and certainly the inspiration, to write.

He picks up a young woman in a bookstore, beds her, then finds out two unfortunate facts. First, she is 16, and second, she is the daughter of the guy his true love intends to marry. That is enough to get you well into the plot line.

Interestingly, this is really more like a raunchy romcom than a series. The nudity and sex is heaviest in act one (like most US raunchy comedies), and the "happily ever after" ending wraps up all the ongoing plot points.

Nevertheless, it has been picked up for a second season. Season one was well written, however, so there is hope the writing team can come up with a good yarn for season two. They have several sympathetic characters to work with, and even the villains are somewhat likeable. If this were shortened to a 110 minute film, I would not have felt cheated. Considering how I view most TV, that is strong praise.


Madeline Zima

Alison Mei Lan

Brooke Taylor

Camille Langfield

Laura Niles

Michelle Nordin


Paula Marshall

Rachel Miner








Elisabeth Shue

She has never been overly generous with the nudity, but I have always thought she is just so cute.

First we have a little nipple exposure in Blind Justice.

Just some tease in Cocktail.

There's that nipple again in Cousin Bette

More tease in Hollow Man.

A little breast exposure in Leaving Las Vegas.

She's naked in Molly, bit none of the naughty bits are exposed.

She is oh so sexy in her see thru bra in The Trigger Effect.







Notes and collages

Paradise Lost


Marina Sirtis

She did some nudity pre-stardom, but this is the only time she has shown any flesh since she became known as Commander Troi










Maud Winchester film clip in HD (1280x720). Samples below.








Sienna Miller rested today and wore some clothes, so Kate Moss picked up the slack.


Sirpa Lane, of Beast fame, in the subtly titled Papaya, Love Goddess of the Cannibals (1978)


Sonya Sohn in Slam (1998)


Film Clips

Lots of excellent clips of Valentina Vargas today.

First Valentina bares all in Street of No Return.

I really like these clips! Samples below.

Then a little more Vargas in Hellraiser: Bloodline. Sample below

Mercedes Cecchetto in A big girl like you. (2003)

To my knowledge, this is her only screen role to date. Nice. Sample below.

Tanya van Graan, Nicole Tupper, and Cecile Breccia in Starship Troopers 3.

(Wait a second. There's a "3"?)

Alex Kingston in Moll Flanders

Aure Atika in Vive le republique