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Jaime Murray was once again fake-naked in Defiance (s3e5)


Lyssa Roberts T&A in the brand new TV movie 7 Days in Hell
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Johnny Moronic's section includes the second episode of Glitch

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"NYPD Blue"

Continuing with the classic series



Charlotte Ross

Continuing the early 70s movies this week:


Coffy (1973) has lots of topless women, who include:

Bebe Louie

Leslie McRay

Linda Haynes

Lisa Farringer

Marilyn Joi

Pam Grier

Peaches Jones

Some not identified



Johnny's comments:

ABC have put the rest of this series on iView, their digital platform after airing the first episode of Thursday. Tried to get the episodes myself, failed, but some nice person has done the work for me, so here's the rest of the series, low quality and I mean low quality, but I will replace when the episodes air.

Not a bad little series either although fairly derivative of the new dead people come back to life genre that been getting a run lately. Also, something different from the same old female skewing dramas that we've pretty much only had recently. Definitely seems to have been made for a more international audience, which it should get. Apparently the first episode struggled in the ratings, so while it's set up for a second series, probably won't get it.

Emma Booth film clips (sample below)

Forget Me Not


Johnny's comments:

Forget Me Not is a drama where at a pub one night, Eve (Genevieve O'Reilly, currently starring in Glitch) is working as a barmaid and Will (Tobias Menzies) has a gig. After finishing his gig, Will goes home across the road from the pub and plans to kill himself until he is startled by loud screaming outside where Eve is being harassed by a drunk. Will goes out to help her and begins to walk with her for a while. They begin talking and she invites him to come to a party she's going to, but just before they get to the party, they have an argument and split up. But, Will goes to the party to apologise the Eve and they continue to get to know each other including a visit to Eve's grandmother who maybe suffering from Alzheimer's. Will they or won't they get together and what is the reason why Will was going to kill himself.

Pretty much a two hander that is a fairly charming look at a relationship developing from scratch over a short period of time. Possibly could have done without the twist as it really isn't necessary, otherwise Forget Me Not is not a bad little movie at all.

Genevieve O'Reilly film clip (collages below)

Film and TV Clips

Delphine Serina, Alessandra Mastronardi, Marie-Josee Croze in La Certosa Di Parma (2012) in 720p





Maitland Ward gets out of her Comic-Con costume

Rose McGowan

Taraji Henson