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"Orphan Black"

season one

today: s1e8

Tatiana Maslany


L'Insegnante Al Mare Con Tutta La Classe


Anna Maria Rizzoli



For the TV show this week I am continuing my thing for Traylor Howard, sort of. Monk ran for 8 seasons before the story that started in the first episode was finally told. I enjoyed the series. It had a subtle humour and I have had a bit to do with autistic children.

There is no nudity but some sexy images, particularly by Bitty Schram and Traylor, who took Bitty's place during the third season.

Series 1 Episode 10 Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation (2002)

Bitty Schram

Series 1 Episode 11 Mr. Monk and the Earthquake (2002)

Bitty Schram

Janine Theriault

Series 2 Episode 1 Mr. Monk Goes Back to School (2003)

Bitty Schram

Series 2 Episode 5 Mr. Monk and the Very, Very Old Man (2003)

Glenne Headly

Series 2 Episode 8 Mr. Monk Meets the Playboy (2003)

Bitty Schram

Erinn Bartlett

Jennifer Lyons

Lisa Thornhill

Not Identified

Series 3 Episode 3 Mr. Monk and the Blackout (2004)

Bitty Schram

Series 4 Episode 5 Mr. Monk Gets Drunk (2005)

Traylor Howard

Series 4 Episode 7 Mr. Monk Goes to a Wedding (2005)

Traylor Howard

Series 4 Episode 11 Mr. Monk Goes to a Fashion Show (2006)

Mini Anden

Series 7 Episode 3 Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever (2008)

Traylor Howard

A Couple Not Identified

Series 7 Episode 4 Mr. Monk Takes a Punch (2008)

Traylor Howard

Series 8 Episode 4 Mr. Monk Is Someone Else (2009)

Kelly Carlson

Traylor Howard

Series 8 Episode 8 Mr. Monk Goes to Group Therapy (2009)

Traylor Howard

Series 8 Episode 10 Mr. Monk and Sharona (2009)

Bitty Schram

My Awkward Sexual Adventure


Recent DVD release. As a raunchy sex comedy showing a variety of sexual adventures the nudity still seems toned down as the actresses wore at least one item of clothing during the sex scenes and the only one who's completely nude just flashed part of her pussy.
Emily Hampshire: pussy getting eaten out then topless doing lap dance.

Sarah Manninen: topless having sex then bottomless getting eaten out.

Laura Olafson: nude eating Sarah Manninen out.

Onalee Ames: boobs and buns in very revealing stripper costume.

Andrea del Campo: bikini - giving happy ending massage and getting spunk in her face.

Marina Stephenson Kerr: bikini top as the oedipal mother.

Melissa Elias: very sexy.

Tamara Gorski: sexy.

Jessica Burleson: somewhat sexy. 

strippers: various topless.

sex club: various nude having sex while Sarah Manninen has fully clothed sex.

"Saving Hope"

episode: "Why Waste Time" (s2e03)

Erica Durance: a bit of side boob for once.

Katherine Cleland: very sexy as lingerie clad French ghost.

Vanessa Morgan: nice cleavage.


episode: "Everything Is Broken' (s1e13; season finale)
Stephanie Leonidas: partial boob and buns strapped to operation table.

Mia Kirshner: sexy (last appearance of the series as her character was killed off)

Jaime Murray: sex standing up.

RELATED: Treena Keating didn't look do-able as the bald-headed alien doctor but she’s sexier in her first movie "Just Friends" (2005).

Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan


Another "found footage" horror film with the first three "reels" on youtube but will be released in full on a DVD double feature with "The Big Cut".

Janessa O'Hearn: hands over very large boobs.

Keri Horton & Laura Leone Hancock: going lesbo.

Jennifer Wright: sexy.


(2011/I; trailer)

This was to be a first part of a horror trilogy but sadly no distributor was found and the only available footage is the trailer.

Janessa O'Hearn: brassiere playing strip poker.

Chantal Hill: brassiere playing strip poker.

Lia Como: brassiere playing strip poker.

Big Tits!

(2009 video short)

This comedy short could be a lot longer but sometimes sex lasts less than 2 minutes.

Janessa O'Hearn: very sexy.

Larissa Dawn: very sexy.

More of busty Janessa O'Hearn ...

Janessa O'Hearn: sexy in the short Dubbio.

Janessa O'Hearn: boobs almost falling out of her dress in Lady Gaga audition.

ATTACK! Of the Killer Thong


This movie is in the works. Check out more at However, the killer garment belongs to a male stripper.

trailer: partial boob by unidentified actress.

Dirty Singles

(2013; trailer)

Another modern sex comedy to be released soon.

Melissa Hood: partial boob.

Alex Paxton-Beesley: brassiere.

Lauren Ash: sexy.

The Future of Jon & Kate Plus 8

and the Gosselin Family

(2009 video short)

Spoof of the reality series.

Brenda Matthews: MILF cleavage.

"Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour"

episode: "Don't Turn Out the Lights" (s5e09)

Tanya Feifel: cleavage in brassiere in her first murder scene. She's also in the upcoming Trailer Park Boys reboot Swearnet.

"Dan For Mayor"

episode: "A Date with Vengeance"

Tarah Consoli: tight sweater.

Night of the Naked Dead

(2012; trailer)

Great title but this US film needs a distributor.

Alexandra Creteau: sexy but a body double for her character.

Emma Gruttadauria: sexy in threesome with Alexandra,

unknown: sexy.

More of Alexandra Creteau ...

Sexy in the short The Right Romance.

Sexy in the trailer for The Imperfect Seduction.

Sexy in promo shot for the upcoming Dead Giveaway: The Motion Picture.

"Robot Chicken"

sketch: "2001, But With Boobs," from episode "President Evil."

Robin Bain: Hefmag cybergirl making the Stanley Kubrick space film much less boring in the only Robot Chicken sketch to have live action nudity.

Jennifer Krukowski ...

Gyno-cam hi-def upgrade of her in Dirty Deeds. Despite doing a lot of nude modelling she only shows her cooter in this low budget web series.

The Pool


Cornelia Bugeja film clip, collage below

Film/TV clips

Here's a 720p upgrade of Pell James' awesome nudity in Pawn Shop Chronicles (2013)

the other naked chicks in Pawn Shop Chronicles (2013)

Adriana Ugarte in Combustion (2013)

Petra Schmidt-Schaller in Sommer in Orange (2011)

Molly Parker in Oliver Sherman (2010)


At last, here is the uncensored version of Brandi Glanville's wardrobe malfunction

A few more of Laura Prepon and Taylor Schilling in Orange is the New Black