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Today is what is known in English speaking countries as Bastille Day. It is France's national day and commemorates the storming of the Bastille in 1789. So it is appropriate that this contribution celebrates some of France's culture with a contribution of French films, or films co-produced by the French. Today: the post-1980 films.


Some lovely breasts on show in Amelie aka Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (2001) by Isis Peyrade

and some unidentified women.

Audrey Tautou is also topless but nothing is visible.

Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies

France Lomay is topless

in Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies aka The Treasure of the Living Dead aka L'abîme des morts vivants (1981).


Chaos (2001) has a topless Rachida Brakni,

and Chloe Lambert

and Julie Durand are in their underwear.

The Double Life of Veronique

Irène Jacob shows the lot in The Double Life of Veronique aka La Double Vie de Veronique (1991).


Breasts aplenty in Druids aka Vercingétorix (2001) by Maria Kavardjikova

and some unidentified women.

Inés Sastre is looking good.

Fanfan la tulipe

An unidentified woman in Fanfan la tulipe (2003) shows the lot when her clothes are ripped off.

A Housekeeper

Emilie Dequenne shows her breasts in A Housekeeper aka Une femme de ménage (2002).

Jet Lag

Juliette Binoche shows a bit of nipple and her backside in Jet Lag aka Décalage horaire (2002).

The Libertine

Plenty of sexy and naked women in The Libertine aka Le libertin (2000). They are:

Audrey Tautou,

Françoise Lépine,

Gaelle Vincent and Micheline Massin together,

and Vahina Giocante.

Unusually, Arielle Dombasle keeps her clothes on but she is still very sexy.

Little Lili

Ludivine Sagnier has one of the best bodies, and she shows it all in Little Lili aka La petite Lili (2003).

Nicole Garcia is topless but facing the wrong way.


Elli Medeiros is topless in Lulu (2002).

My Wife is an Actress

Lots more breasts in My Wife is an Actress aka Ma femme est une actrice (2001), this time by Charlotte Gainsbourg,

Jo McInnes,

Lucy Harrison

and a couple of unidentified women.


Nathalie... (2003) has Emmanuelle Beart

and Sophie Seferiades topless.

Not For, or Against

Camille Natta is naked in Not For, or Against aka Ni pour, ni contre (bien au contraire) (2002) but we can't see anything.

Some dancers are topless

 and Marie Gillain shows some nice cleavage.

The Piano Teacher

Some brief nipple exposure by Isabelle Huppert in The Piano Teacher aka La pianiste (2001).

Secret Agents

A bit of breast exposure in Secret Agents aka Agents secrets (2004) by Monica Bellucci.

Time of the Wolf

An unidentified woman is topless in Time of the Wolf aka Le temps du loup (2003).

The King


Pell James 720hd film clips

Collages below

Veronica Bernal 720p film clip

sample below



Agnes Delachair in A l'aveugle (2012) in 1080p

Manie Malone in Viva Riva (2010)

Meredith Bailey in Passchendaele (2008)

Gianella Neyra in Polvo Enamorado (2003)

Christine Kaufmann and Silvia Aguilar in Enigma rosso (1978)

Laura Bonaparte in Anna Quel Particolare Piacere (uncut version; 1973)

and exploitation film legend Edwige Fenech in the same film


Rihanna being generally bootylicious on a boat

Pro volleyballer Mari Paraiba

Kazuko Yoshiyuki in Empire of Passion (1978)