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Betty Blue


Clementine Celarie film clips (samples below).


Beatrice Dalle film clips (samples below).

Excellent arthouse film in many ways. There are two very different versions. The longer version is generally known as "372 le matin." The title "Betty Blue" usually refers to the North American release, which is much shorter.  Scoop's comments, including a description of the differences between the two versions, can be found here.




Kim Kardashian's famous behind in a form fitting suit.

Jennifer Connelly in The Hot Spot

 Kristina Klebe in Halloween, one of the better nude scenes of 2007


Hanna Hall in Halloween


Danielle Harris in Halloween




Bibiana Beglau in Kammerflimmern (720p)

Jessica Schwarz in Kammerflimmern (720p)

Helena Mattson in Species: The Awakening

Marlene Favela in Species: The Awakening

Melanie Gutteridge in Greenwich Mean Time

Rachel Weisz in Beautiful Creatures (720p)

Sophie Hilbrand in Zomerhitte (HD)

Tevaite Vernette in The Bounty (big download)

Kristin Kowalski in Scar (HD)