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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Drowning by Numbers


part 1

Joely Richardson 720p film clip. Collages below.

continued tomorrow








Road House


We return to "Road House" for Julie Michaels doing a very hot strip scene. She shows her boobs only. Sexy stuff. Caps and an HD clip.




TV Land

Over in TV Land yesterday's featured newsbabe Geri Willis of "CNN" returns in a scene with a dog. Nice leg& thigh and one lucky pooch. Caps and a HD clip










Julie-Marie Parmentier and Christine Citti in Suite Noire

in high definition!


more French Cinema nudity in the upcoming days








Notes and collages

The Haunting of Morella


The late Lana Clarkson







Film clips of the women of Skeleton Crew; samples beneath:

Anna Alkiomaa and Riikka Niemi

Rita Suomalainen









Macarena Gomez film clips, Collages below.








Making a mold of Katy Perry's hooters!

I think I've found my dream job. Tit mold creator.


Film Clips

Here is the uncensored version of Denise Richards' topless beach scene in It's Complicated. (This aired in a censored version.) As the Egotastic guy pointed out, the whole scene seems bogus for two reasons: (1) she's offended about being photographed topless while she is being photographed topless; (2) the pictures taken by the alleged paparazzo never showed up anywhere. The most logical conclusion is that the scene is staged and the alleged paparazzo is working for the reality show.