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The Teacher


Dennis the Menace (Jay North) has just graduated High School, is an 18 year old virgin, and has a thing for one of his teachers who is young, separated from her husband and lives nearby. His best friend shares his appreciation for her charms, and invites him to spy on her sunbathing topless on a boat. They boys set up their binoculars at a warehouse where the friend's deranged Vietnam vet brother hangs out. The dramatic conflict, such as it is, derives from the fact that the older  brother is also obsessed with the teacher (Angel Tompkins). The two young friends are peeping and fighting over the binoculars when big brother shows up and scares them. The best friend falls to his death. Big brother threatens Dennis the Menace if he says anything to the police.

Then we and Dennis get a break. Angel is horny, and The Menace appeals to her, so she seduces him. This, as you can imagine, doesn't sit well with the deranged vet. Dennis's folks are not enthusiastic either. And don't even ask about Mr. Wilson. The story cannot end well.

The scenes between Angel and Dennis the Menace are almost believable, but the only real bright spot in this film is the nudity from Angel Tompkins

I covered this film in the past using a very poor 4/3 transfer. I am glad to say that there is now a very nice widescreen transfer in good condition, and as a bonus is it the second half of a double feature paired with Pick-Up. I will call it the film a very low C-, but paired with Pick-Up, the DVD is a real bargain.

48 IMDB voters score The Teacher 3.0.

Scoop's note: I got to wondering whatever happened to Jay "Dennis the Menace" North. Here's what Wikipedia has to say, "Finding himself forever typecast as "Dennis the Menace," North quit acting and joined the Navy in the 1970s. He later served as a prison security guard. He is now retired and lives in Lake Butler, Florida. Here is a current picture.


Angel Tompkins shows breasts and buns in several scenes, and a flash of bush in a shower scene.








Hell's Gate


The Time Machine is back to 1971 for a "Hankster Babes in Bondage Hall of Fame" classic. We have Jayne Allyson all tied up in "The Godson." She's topless in a short skirt and boots. Sadly it does not end well for her.






Notes and collages

Monster's Ball

Halle concludes today.

The next Bond girl will be Talisa Soto who played "Lupe Lamora" in "License to Kill."









Open Window


A young couple has everything going right. He even proposes to her and they are happy, until one day he leaves the window open, and a crazy dude goes in when she is all alone and rapes her.

Bye, bye happiness.

Soon she starts pushing him away. The boyfriend and the audience are not sure why because the movie doesn't show the rape at first. It is gradually revealed from different conversations Robin Tunney's character has with a psychiatrist. The therapy helps her but when she is finally ready, he is not interested anymore. Of course, this is not an European or Asian movie, so in the end they end up happy again.



Robin Tunney









Paris Hilton. Surprised?
Lohan. This one is at least a year old, but still a goodie
Natalie Portman joins the paparazzi parade.
Two clips from Brief eines Unbekannten, with samples to the right.  First Sabine Marcus
then Anke Sevenich from Brief eines Unbekannten
Maruschka Detmers in Mere, Fille ...

I'm not sure that I'm happy to have seen these caps from a 2002 movie. I kinda prefer to remember what she used to look like, but here they are ...

Good quality film clips from Night of the Living Dorks:

Good quality film clips from Factory Girl: