Erotica (1994) is an Atom Egoyan film, which means you can make some assumptions about it knowing nothing else. The cast will include his wife, Arsinée Khanjian. The story will be revealed in layers, with a very non-linear time frame. A major theme will be how people deal with the loss of a loved one. Exotica is a strip club, and many of the characters have that in common. Arsinée Khanjian is the owner, Mia Kirshner is a star performer, Bruce Greenwood is her biggest customer. He is auditing an exotic pet store owner, who is also a smuggler of illegal bird eggs, and a homosexual. We eventually learn that his daughter was murdered. Kirshner, and the DJ at the club, Elias Koteas. Koteas and Kirshner were an item until she discovered that Khanjian contracted with him to make her pregnant.

There is more, but in case you haven't seen this film, I will leave it to you to discover. This was Egoyan's best film to date at the time it was made, and he followed it with an absolute masterpiece, The Sweet Hereafter. In Exotica, I always found myself wanting to get on with the story, whereas The Sweet Hereafter, which used the same tools of non-linear time and unraveling layer after layer, held my interest too well to want to jump ahead.

Kirshner shows breasts and buns briefly table dancing in very dark lighting. Several unknowns also show body parts in the club. While these might not be the best images I have ever done, I think they are among my best work with difficult photography. This was the film that got me interested in Atom Egoyan, which made the Sweet Hereafter a slam dunk. Ebert and Berardinelli both awarded 4 stars, and IMDb readers have this at 7.2 of 10. It is least popular with the under 18 crowd, and most popular with the 18 to 29 group. It is not a cliffhanger, but is a masterfully crafted character study of a group of seemingly unrelated characters that end up being so inter-related that loss of one would make them all collapse. It has amazingly little nudity for a film that takes place mainly in a strip club. The proper score is B-. This is a character driven drama, but will appeal to many who don't usually enjoy them due to its interesting narrative style.

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    Futon-related amusement

    Jennifer Rubin in A Woman, Her Men, and Her Futon. Not much of a movie, but Jennifer looked delicious then:


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    When Heather Graham was 20 she made a movie entitled "Shout." It should have been a breakthrough experience. The cast included John Travolta in the period of his first, Looks-Who's-Talking comeback, the always reliable Linda Fiorentino, veteran character actor Richard Jordan and a very young Gwyneth Paltrow. Heather's character was written into well over half the scenes in the final cut and she was cast to play an exquisitely beautiful young woman with a heart of gold... which is akin to casting Michael Jordan as a tall African-American with some basketball talent. So what went wrong? By which I mean, why had I never heard of this movie and why is it in the low 4's on IMDb?

    What went wrong started with the writing. The screenplay is 40% Dead Poets Society, 30% Cool Hand Luke, 20% Dirty Dancing and 10% that movie about the town in the Southwest where dancing isn't allowed. The idea is this:

    1) Start with a home for wayward boys set in Texas in 1955. One boy, played by Jamie Walters is sent up the river for ringing the town church bells way early on a fine morn that wasn't Sunday.

    2) Add a Nazi director of the home, who seems to be absolutely, positively the only adult supervision in the place.

    3) Mix in a music teacher with a dark past, assigned to train the boys for the upcoming Independence Day celebration.

    4) Flavor with Heather, who plays the Nazi's daughter, sent from a-far to live him.... at a home for wayward boys...where, I repeat, her dad is the only adult supervision. Even in '55 that was a dangerous mix.

    Travolta is supposed to be cool. You know that 'cuz he plays rock n roll recorded by black artists and goes to the local club catering to black folks, where he dances with Linda, who is the town sherrif's ex-main squeeze.

    Shit happens and in-between or before the shit, Heather's character and Jamie's character meet, fall in love, kiss a lot and finally do the nasty. Recall, again dear reader, Jamie is in a home for wayward boys and he is supervised for not one minute of the day even though Heather plays the daughter of the guy what runs the place. WTF! I'd have had my daughter locked behind one set of bars and all the boys in the place locked behind a second set... with the open policy that the first boy of touch her loses a hand and his minerals.

    Travolta's character is written as a anti-hero's hero, Jamie's character as a sweet mixed-up kid with sooo much potential, Heather's character... well, I already told you about her. None of them is the least bit authentic. It all sucks so very hard, and so very deep.

    And then you get to the ending where a band without a single brass instrument is supposed to play Sousa marches but breaks into rock n roll when Travolta's character strides forward to be arrested (don't bother to ask why... it is neither important nor interesting). All the kids in town, a couple hundred of which suddenly appear, start to dance... professionally, with panties a-showin' and bodies a-movin'. At that point you realize you've seen a movie descend from really bad into truly and monumentally... historically... awful. Wretched. Atrocious. From boring to painful, from an uninteresting mess to an act of torture approved for use only by Donald Rumsfeld.

    But as my mama used to say, it is a dark cloud indeed that has no silver lining.

    Boys and girls, the silver lining here could hardly have been brighter. It is Heather Graham in one scene of about 20 frames in nightgown so thin it is almost transparent. In the scene, Jamie's character bursts into the house Heather shares with her dad, flings open the door to her bedroom, strides over and kisses her... then leaves, without anyone stopping either his ingress or his egress. If I ran the place, I'd have put he egress in a bottle and shipped it home to his parents.

    So I grabbed all 20 frames and used 9 of them to mix with other frames of Heather's perfect face.. shot, I might add, well, perfectly... to make 4 collages. At least the DP knew what he was doing.

    Let's review. Great cast, awful writing, criminally putrid direction: a movie with a 1.5-second scene worth watching. The one review I read on IMDb had many positive things to say about Shout. I have only three, all of which belong to Heather Graham, one of which is her face.

    'Caps and comments by Dann:

    "No Small Affair"
    A 16 year old amateur photographer accidentally takes a photo of a 22 year old singer, and falls in love with her, in this 1984 comedy featuring a young Demi Moore, and an even younger and very talented Jon Cryer.

    The story's fairly lame and predictable and Demi is pretty stiff in this role, so the most notable thing about it is Cryer's performance. His scene with Judy Baldwin as a prostitute is funny and well done.

    An sometimes amusing not-so-bad effort that's worth watching for historical value if nothing else.

    DeadLamb's visual review of the the most recent episode of the new FOX series "North Shore". Episode "My Boyfriend's Back".

    • "The O.C" babe Amanda Righetti doing the 'arms covering boobs' thing.

    • "Not Another Teen Movie" star Chyler Leigh stuffed into some very tight clothes and looking great. (1, 2)

    • "Club Dread" babe Elena Lyons showing some cleavage and wearing a bikini.

    • Nikki Deloach, more bikini exposure. (1, 2)

    Beverly Lynn
    Kylie Wyote
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Dragonscan 'caps of both ladies topless in scenes from "Haunting Desires".

    Louise Mieritz
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Marvin 'caps of Danish actress baring all in scenes from the Lars von Trier film "Idioterne" (1998).

    Lisa Scott-Lee
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    The UK pop singer doing a little topless sunbathing.

    Denise Clewis
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

    Señor Skin 'caps of Denise Clewis showing off some robo-boobs in scenes from "Suburban Nightmare".

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Define "Private" - In what critics are calling a new low for reality TV, Britain's Channel 4 is launching a show on cable and satellite called "Private Stars." Five average guys will be locked in a house with five female porn stars, and viewers will watch as they make a porn movie. The producers say the sex will be real, and the guys will be judged on how well they perform. The poorest performers will be voted out one-by-one, and the last one left wins a contract with a porn producer.

  • And a free penis enlargement.
  • He'll be the "Last Man Standing"...literally.
  • So it's actually pretty much like "The Bachelor."
  • When it comes to the judging, be warned: Simon Cowell will spare no one's feelings!
  • So average guys get to have sex every day with five hot porn stars? It's time to drop the word "reality" from this genre.

    You R. Crazy - R. Kelly has never been to Africa, but he's so obsessed with it, he told America Magazine that he filled his recording studio with jungle plants and trees to make it feel like Africa. He said he put on fatigues, slept in a tent and ate off the floor for a few months. He added, inexplicably, "We're on a serious mission, and just know that Charlie is out there to stop us, and you have to load up your guns. I know this all sounds crazy." Especially since "Charlie" was the nickname for the North Vietnamese.

  • He thinks Vietnam is in Africa...Hey, he TOLD us he'd never been there!
  • The tent was just because he wanted to sleep with Girl Scouts.

    Why Trump Is Rich - The New York Post reports that Donald Trump's new magazine, "Trump World," which will spotlight only the finest luxury items from around the world, is looking for interns to do writing, research and production. The job will pay $50 a week.

  • Same salary the people on "The Apprentice" get.
  • At least when Trump fires them, they'll make more on unemployment.
  • The first cover story will be a comparison of which flavor of Ramen Noodles tastes the most luxurious.

    And Make My Breasts Cone-Shaped - The papers of late Oscar-winning director John Schlesinger show that he blamed Madonna's "outrageous" behavior on their flop movie, "The Next Best Thing," for contributing to his heart attack. His memos express anger and exhaustion at her meddling in every aspect of the shoot, from wanting to change the music to demanding the removal of a scene that was "too gay" to refusing to show her bare rear in a sex scene. The last straw was her demand that he use "Jurassic Park"-style CGI effects to "beautify" her in 34 shots she found unflattering. He only found enough money in the budget for nine.

  • In the rest, she just looked like an old fossil.
  • This was the first time "Jurassic Park" CGI effects were used to make something look LESS like a dinosaur.
  • All that work and money to make Madonna look good in a movie that nobody saw!

    Madonna In Training - Teen star Keira Knightley complained that her chest didn't look big enough on the poster for "King Arthur," so the studio had artists enlarge it. But she's still not happy. She said, "They could have given me a lot more on top." This is the second time her boobs have been pumped up on a poster: they also did it to her for "Pirates of the Caribbean."

  • Isn't this false advertising? Or falsie advertising?
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger used to have the same deal.
  • Two words, Keira: "Boob job."
  • God could've given her more on top, too, but He DIDN'T.