s1e5, 720p

A very sexy (if somewhat modest) nude scene featuring Carla Gugino.

(Great scene, but the butt may be a body double. That's an awfully good butt for a 47-year-old woman, but if anyone could pull it off, Carla would be the one.)

The Young and the Restless
I think we probably have never featured a scene from this show before, even though it has been around since the beginning of recorded time. When it debuted, Dick Nixon was in the White House!


Hunter King (not nude)

2019 ESPY Awards


Megan Rapinoe


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Holy Lola

2004, 1920x1040

Isabelle Carre

Continuing with Italian movies. These early movies often don’t show decent credits as they list the cast but not the role they play. The IMDB helps a lot but I’m not convinced it is always accurate.

The Canterbury Tales


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The Canterbury Tales aka I racconti di Canterbury has lots of everything on show by:

Diana Fisher

Eileen King

Heather Johnson

Jenny Runacre

Josephine Chaplin


Lots not identified

Minimal nudity today:

Fatal Trust

2006, 1080hd

Amy Jo Johnson film clip (collages below)

Another Day in Paradise


Holly Eglinton film clip (sample below)

Lindsey Normington, Lindsay Waa and others in Sandbagger (2019) in 1080hd

This is a hopelessly amateurish piece of filmmaking. This is to a real film as your uncle's garage band is to the Rolling Stones. It's less than 50 minutes long, stars a bunch of nobodies, and all the dialogue seems to have been lost. (Or maybe that is some intentional artifice - but the film's opening apologizes for the lost dialogue. Personally I don't care. If you do care, you can watch the entire mess on Vimeo, but don't say I didn't warn you.) Frankly, I don't know what possessed me to include it here, but at least there's plenty of nudity.

Jella Haase in Kidnapping Stella (2019) in 1080hd

Emily Ratajkowski in Lying and Stealing (2019) in 1080hd

I don't get it. Why would you hire E-Rat to do a "topless" scene, then keep the best T&A on the planet out of sight? 'Tis a mystery.

Bryn Woznicki and Chelsea Morgan in Her Side of the Bed (2018) in 720p

Marysia Kay and Eleanor James in Unwelcome (2011), sized 1368x592



Colorized versions of old B&W favorites:

Diane Kruger (then known as Heidkruger)

Chloe Sevigny