TV Round-Up

Power (s1e5) featured nudity from Lela Loren and Leslie Lopez. Future episodes include Lois Lane, Lana Lang and Lori Lemaris.

Season two of Hemlock Grove is now available on Netflix, and people have already combed through all the episodes for nudity.

Yesterday: episodes 2 and 3.

Today: the rest.
Episode four: Madeline Brewer

Episode five: Madeline Brewer and Alexandra Gordon



Episode seven: Alexandra Gordon

Episode eight: Alexandra Gordon


The July 11th edition of Naked News featured an unimpressive audition from "Jules"

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Frivolous Lola



This massive project took more than a week to cover, beginning with all the still captures in the edition for Saturday, July 5:
Today, the conclusion: a look at Serena Grandi


Wicked Lake


Robin Sydney



episode: "Beast of Burden" (s2e04)

Jaime Murray: major sideboob.

Julie Benz: sideboob having sex.

Anna Hopkins: major cleavage trying to escape from being tied up in chair.

Reality Check

(2007 short)
 Anna Hopkins in brassiere, trying to seduce co-worker while he's surfing for porn.

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

(2010 play)

This full play is online and features Lori Triolo’s only display of bare boobage (boobs almost falling out of her blouse.)

Love at Second Sight

(2002 video; aka "Liebe auf den 2. Blick")

Rare German comedy filmed in Canada. A must find for “cronies”, fans of the Corner Gas television series.

Gabrielle Miller: fully clothed sex by Corner Gas actress.

Lori Triolo: showing a tiny bit of skin in shower.

Madeleine Kipling: sexy in lingerie.

Psycho Scarecrow

(1996 video)

Bottom of the barrel slasher from the DVD horror compilation Sleazy Slashers.

Lee Anne Simms: maybe partial boob but the video quality is terrible.

Tracy Rankin: sexy but dead in brassiere.


Lee Anne Simms: still sexy in her Myspace page.

Tracy Rankin: still sexy in her demo reel.

Fatal Performance

(2013 TV movie)

Paula Elle: very sexy as hooker.


  Paula Elle: cleavage in bikini from her instagram account.

Last Kind Words


Alexia Fast: partial boob while skinnidipping.


Canadian actress Alexia Fast modeling lingerie



NOTE: Most of the short films below are online and can be found by doing a video google search under the title and director (or actress).


(2013 short)

Short written by, directed by and starring the Pink Power Ranger.

Sonya Salomaa & Amy Jo Johnson: flashing their boobs at end but shown from behind.

The Bed

(2003 short)

Ingrid Kavelaars: partial boob. Lousy video quality but it's her closest thing to a nude scene.

Three Mothers

(2008 short)

Linda Smith: older actress nude in bathtub but showing nothing.

They Wore Pink

(2014 short)

Lauren Lee Smith: partial boob. Her next nudie appearance will be in Cinemanovels being released to DVD next August.

La Main Tendue

(le 2010 short; aka The Hand That Gives)

Noemie Godin-Vigneau: MILF.

Beware of Dog

(2008 short)

 Laura Wills: very nice pokies.


  Laura Wills: sexy in the 2005 short "The Recommendations"

Laura Wills: sexy in the 2008 short "Vengeance".


(1998 short)

Mika Ward, Katrin Bowen & Terryn Marlowe: sexy as vampires.

(Mika Ward is the blonde on your left, Katrin Bowen is tall blonde in the middle and Terryn Marlowe is the brunette on your right.)

  Gabrielle Rose: sexy in dominatrix gear.

Yoga Wars

(2007 short)

Canadian filmmaker Katrin Bowen started out in the 1980s as a TROMA girl in some kickboxing films while mentoring under the late Lana Clakson. There are some kickboxing films featuring nudity from that era but none starring her.

Katrin Bowen: crotch shots in yoga outfit.

Jackie Blackmore: crotch shots in yoga outfit.

Catherine Falkner: she's the short one with the biggest boobs.

Totally Inappropriate

(2011 short)

Jackie Blackmore: black panties upskirt having fully clothed sex.


(2014 short; trailer)

Short starring Canadian deaf actress and singer T.L. Forsberg.

T.L. Forsberg: nude from behind having sex.


T.L. Forsberg: nude in her music video "Liquid Love"


(2010 short)

Megan Follows: still sexy in her 40s.


Megan Follows: at the age of 18 in bikini and skinnidipping in the 1986 television movie "Sin of Innocence"

Man v. Minivan

(2009 short)

Krista Bridges: in her 40s with wrinkly elbows but still with the body of a stripper.

You Are So Undead

(2010 short)

Erin Agostino: upskirt and cleavage.

Meaghan Rath: sexy as lesbian vampire.

Clean Dirt

(2010 short)

Carmen Lavigne: sexy doing stripshow after bizarre monologue.

Unbearable Love

(2007 short)

  Tristin Leffler: sexy in bed with man even hairier than porn actor Ron Jeremy.

Oh Baby

(2011 short)

Sarah Allen: cleavage as MILF baby mama.

Zoe Doyle: fully clothed sex as babysitter.

No Bikini

(2007 short)

Christine Lippa: bathing suit as swimming instructor.

Swimming Lessons

(2006 short)

Christine Lippa: again, bathing suit as swimming instructor.

The 90th Percentile

(2006 short)

Lori Kokotailo: slight pokies in loose fitting cotton brassiere under t-shirt.

The Art of Seduction: Strip Show

(2006 short)

Rebecca Addelman: flashing brassiere while giving webcam show.

True Love

(2006 short)

Comedy about a couple forced at gunpoint by a madman to go though all
stages of the relationship process: dating, getting married, making whoopie on the wedding night, and raising a a child in the 'burbs.

Katie Crown: sexy in bed on wedding night.


(2011 short)

Julie Brar: cleavage in brassiere having fully clothed sex.

The Swishy-Washy

(1999 short)

Carrie Fleming: very sexy in early short.

Dances for a Small Screen: Motel

(1998 short)

Dana Gingras: cleavage, pokies and upskirt.

Roxana: Bed Quintet

(2006 short)

Greta Hodgkinson: cleavage and upskirt.

Sheila McCarthy: very light lesbian action by Little Mosque on the Prairie actress.

Ride of the Yoga Valkyries

(2009 short)

Christine Donato: very sexy in leotards.

Walls Talk

(2008 short)

Mitzi Jones (aka Mitzi Thaddeus): cleavage.

Terri-Lyn Storey: sort of nude in shower.

Jessica Hinkson: sexy as goth chick.


Jessica Hinkson: very sexy but dead in still from the 2010 short "Ruby Can't Fail".

Call It Blue

(2014 short; trailer)

Natalie Krill: partial boob while nude in trunk of car, then pulling down stockings to take a whizz.


Natalie Krill: cleavage having fully clothed sex in opening 2008 episode of MVP on dvd set.

Love & Justice

(2008 short)

Charlotte Sullivan: very sexy.


Charlotte Sullivan: bra and panties having fully clothed sex - again in the opening episode of MVP!

M Is for Milf


Kim Poirier: MILF cleavage.

Y: The Last Man Rising

(2012 short)

Rebecca Marshall: MILF.


(2013 short; trailer)

Sima Fisher: topless as cage dancer.

In the news....

Eugenie Bouchard didn't make the semifinals at Wimbledon, but here’s some pics of her displaying some pokies, cleavage, and her tightie whities.

TV and Film Clips

Melanie Thierry in The Zero Theorem (2013) in 1080p


Rihanna in Rio