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Femme Fatales s2e8 hasn't even aired yet as I write this, yet here it is in 720HD.

Anne Lee Greene

Jo Newman

Heidi James and Jo Newman

Jennifer Thompson

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full coverage of the first season of this series

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Lena Dunham

Saturday is what is known in English speaking countries as Bastille Day. It is France's national day and commemorates the storming of the Bastille in 1789. So it is appropriate that this contribution celebrates some of France's culture with a contribution of French films, or films co-produced by the French. The most recent films will appear on Saturday, but here's a teaser featuring  the films of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s

The Bear and the Doll

Some all-over nakedness in The Bear and the Doll aka L'ours et la poupée (1969) by Brigitte Bardot.
Unfortunately, it is through a diaphanous curtain.

Mama Dracula

Lots of breasts on show in Mama Dracula (1980) by Marie-Françoise Manuel

 and some unidentified women.

Nightmares Come at Night

Colette Giacobine

 and Diana Lorys show the lot in Nightmares Come at Night aka Les cauchemars naissent la nuit (1970).

Nude Set

Despite this movie's age, there are plenty of breasts on show in Nude Set aka Mademoiselle Strip-tease (1957)

by Agnès Laurent,

Dora Doll,

Véra Valmont and some unidentified dancers.

La Parisienne

Unfortunately, there is no visible nudity in La Parisienne aka Une parisienne (1957).
Brigitte Bardot, however, is still very sexy.

Red Circle

Ann Douking briefly shows the lot in The Red Circle aka Le cercle rouge (1970).

The Twilight Girls

Lots of breasts exposed in The Twilight Girls aka Les collégiennes (1957) although some of it was done when it was modified for an American release. The women are:

 Agnés Laurent,

Alice Denham,

Georgina Spelvin

and some not identified.

Marie-Hélène Arnaud is in her underwear.


Most of the nudity in Twist aka Folies bourgeoises (1976) is by a topless Sybil Danning

 and some dancers.

 Ann-Margret is supposed to show some breasts but it is probably a body double as it don't look like hers.

 The other women look good: Stéphane Audran

 and Sydne Rome.

Love the Hard Way


A film I completely forgot about until I found it on an abandoned hard drive. I don't remember much about Love the Hard Way from my first viewing except for Charlotte Ayanna's nude scene and that she was nipping out for a fair portion of the film. On second viewing, the film is quite a rough edged drama about the relationship between a straight-A college kid (Charlotte Ayanna) falling for a street smart hustler (Adrien Brody). And it's quite ugly to say the least. Pretty good film too, but not an easy watch. Anyway, always like Charlotte and went through a stretch in 2003 where I capped her from a few films, but not a lot since (well, there's that body double stuff from The Thirst).

Charlotte Ayanna film clips (collages below)



Marla Malcolm in Hijacked (2012) in 1080p

Jordan Hinson wearing a see-through nightie in a deleted scene from Harold and Kumar Christmas

Neel Ronholt in Dig og Mig (2008) in 1080p

and Laura Christensen, also in Dig og Mig

Lene Maria Christensen in Fidibus (2006) in 1080p

Luana Bellinghausen, Eva Mannschott, and Berit Totschnig in Neandertal (2006)

Laura Christensen in Midsommer (2003) in 1080p

Agostina Belli in Un Taxi Mauve (1977) in 1080p

Charlotte Rampling in Un Taxi Mauve (1977) in 1080p