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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.










Judy Greer 1920x1080 film clip. Collages below.








Home Sick


Today some more bad movie stuff. Tiffany Shepis shows off the boobs before becoming a bloody "Babe in Bondage". Caps and 3 clips.



Road House


On a better note we have Kelly Lynch in "Road House" displaying some T & A in these caps and 2 HD clips. More from 'Road House" tomorrow.




TV Land

Over in TV Land Gerri Willis of CNN puts on a leg & thigh show. Caps and a HD clip.









Romy Schneider in an unreleased film, Clouzot
Margot Mahler in Der Ostfriesen-Report
Ute Christensen in an episode of "Marktplatz der Sensationen"
Evelyn Opela in an episode of "Der Kommissar"
April Hailer in Zart und Schuldig
Ingrid Steeger in Klimbim
Shannon Tweed in Victim of Desire
Deborah Sasson on "Exclusiv" (The two extra pictures below are photos taken at the same time. They look like they came from Perez Hilton's site.)






Notes and collages



Sophie Marceau













El Camino de Los Ingleses


This film was directed by Antonio Banderas


Victoria Abril film clip, Collage below.

Anna Lorca film clip,

Maria Ruiz and Marta Nieto film clips, Collages below.









Collages from "Coed Confidential"

Daisy Marie, s2, e1

Daisy Marie, s2, e2

Daisy Marie, s2, e6

Leigh Livingston, s2, e2

Leigh Livingston, s2, e6

Leigh Livingston, s2, e9

Leigh Livingston, s2, e11

Leigh Livingston, s2, e13

Michelle Maylene, s2, e1

Michelle Maylene, s2, e2

Michelle Maylene, s2, e3

Michelle Maylene, s1, e5

Michelle Maylene and Olivia Alaina May, s2, e3


Michelle Maylene and Olivia Alaina May, s2, e6

Michelle Maylene and Olivia Alaina May, s2, e9

Olivia Alaina May, s2, e11


Film Clips

One of my all-time favorite nude scenes: Corinne Bohrer in Dead Solid Perfect

Dana Delaney in a scene which has been cut from several versions of Exit to Eden

A collection of clips from Final Examination, featuring Kim Maddox, Kari Wuhrer, Amy Lindsay, Kalau Iwaoka, and Belinda Gavin

The women of Capadocia: Cristiana Umana, Dolores Heredia and  Jimena Sanchez (samples right)