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Hungry For You



It is 2010. Virtual reality has replaced TV, and people are far more addicted. The FCC pretty much runs things, with help from the police, and the traditional courts have been replaced by citizens' committees which resemble today's juries. VR sex is illegal, except in Nevada, and you must have the approval of a citizens' committee approval to have real sex.

People start dying in the middle of VR shows. They receive private content, in the person of Rochelle Swanson, who gives them cyber-sex until they are ready to climax, which triggers an explosive charge in their VR unit and kills them. Michael Phenicie is a licensed tracer (one who investigates VR crimes), and is brought in to find out how this is happening and stop it.

I believe the concept had promise. With the VR premise, there is infinite possibility for misdirection, as it is very difficult to tell the difference between VR experiences and real ones. The VR theme provided license to include virtually anything in the story. Unfortunately, the execution could have been much better, and the premise could have been exploited far more effectively. Of course, budget may have been a limiting factor.

Hungry for You is theoretically a sci-fi riff on the couples erotica theme, but it's just barely erotica. Rochelle Swanson shows robo-breasts and buns. Two unknowns show everything during the first sex scene. That's it on the erotic side. Overall, the sex and nudity are lukewarm at best.

Given that both the storyline and the erotica are disappointing, this is a D+. Not recommended. (IMDb readers concur at 3.9.)

It is only available from in a dual region (1 and 4) DVD in English, with optional Spanish subtitles.


Hungry For You (1996)



Rochelle Swanson











Hell's Gate


Today we have Hell's Gate (aka Bad Karma).  This is a really bad movie with the exception of the first few minutes of the movie as Amy Huberman goes full frontal and becomes a "Babe in Bondage" who is tormented with electrical shocks.

After those scenes, just forget it. No nudity. Nothing else either.







Notes and collages


Halle continued, in a lull before tomorrow's storm of Monster's Ball








Un día sin sexo (A Day Without Sex)


The movie follows 4 middle class couples through one day. Going from comedy to drama, the four couples, ranging from late teens to middle aged,  use the excuse of sex to talk about their relationships, creating situations that most people have gone through at one time or another.

The movie is just not that good but the ending is, because it ends up like a music video with a great song, giving closure to the stories in a positive way.



Carolina Cano



Vanessa Saba



Melania Urbina









The latest film clip to match some of LC's earlier collages (sample to right).

Scoop's note: Just ignore the sample capture. You can see many excellent collages from this film on the update at Charlie's French Cinema Nudity. (He refers to it as Le Scorpion, but the collages identify it as Le Serpent, correctly I presume.)

Olga Kurylenko in Le Serpent






Standing Still

Ah, another "life after college" comedy, and this 2005 version is not exceptional, but it's cute in spots, and has some very attractive ladies in it.

Four years after graduating college, a group of close college friends are getting together again for the wedding of two of the group. They are bedeviled by all the usual problems: those who haven't hooked up, those who have hooked up and wonder if they should be hooked up, those who wish they were hooked up with someone else, etc., etc., etc.

It's cute and fairly well done, but there's nothing really new or unexpected. Still, it's a pleasant enough way to spend an evening.


Amy Adams

Lauren German

Melissa Sagemiller Nikki Ziering






What would a day be without a Bai Ling nipple?
Brit soap star Angela Lonsdale (She's Officer Emma Taylor on Coronation Street. No I don't know that kind of stuff. I had no fucking clue who she was until just now when I looked it up.)
Venus Williams pulls a Bai Ling. I caught Venus on Letterman this week, reading the Top Ten List. My memory of her was a woman with a lean body, spectacular long legs and not much of a face. I was shocked to see that she is now a real fox with a nice face, an easy laugh, and a beautiful smile! I know she's 6'1", but if she really weighs 172 I don't know where she stores it all. I'd have guessed more like 160. On the other hand, her rather well-padded sister is listed at 5'10", between 135 and 155 pounds at various sources! I doubt that Serena is much below 170. I'd put Serena higher than Venus, despite the height disadvantage.
Film clips:









Bit of a range of things. In terms of quality of original source, things go ...

from the sublime (high def caps of Rosario Dawson in Alexander)

to the awful (second generation VHS caps of Diane Lane in Lady Beware

Bonnie Bedelia in The Stranger

and Rachel Ward in Night School

Between them are DVD caps of Bethany Lorraine in Femalien II

and Alejandra Grepi in El Bosque Animado.


The reason for the VHS caps is simple: I am digitizing a lot of videotapes that have been sitting around on the shelf for a while. These include some rare treasures, such as Lady Beware and Night School.

Oh, what Night School coulda been if the director had taken advantage of Rachel Ward's nekkidness. This could have been one of the best nude scenes ever.  Instead, it's a bum, Charlie...let's face it, that's what it is...a bum. Crap.  (Film clip)

A note about an odd similarity in Lady Beware (film clip) and The Stranger (film clip). Both were made in 1987 and each has a scene that is run twice. In The Stranger it is imagined twice, whereas in Lady Beware it is the bad guy seeing Diane nekkid and then imagining her so a bit later.  What's cool is that in each case the second time the scene shows up, it is a different take. Ahh, a two-fer. So I did some editing of the clips to include the two takes together. If all goes well, there will be more of these yet-to-appear-on-DVD things over the next several weeks.

And two clips without caps. One of these is rightly considered one of the high points in screen nudity...Lynda Carter in Boobi (sic) Jo and the Outlaw. What a mighty fine pair of lungs Wonder Woman had. On the opposite end of things we got Karen Black in The Pyx, wearing a thin white gown.




The Comedy Wire


Republican Florida state Rep. Bob Allen was arrested in a public park bathroom sting and charged with a misdemeanor for allegedly offering to sell oral sex to a male undercover cop for $20.  Allen is co-chair of John McCain's Florida campaign and sponsor of a failed bill to tighten laws against public sex.  Allen called it "an ugly and unpleasant situation that has been thrust on me and my family," and said he'll plead not guilty.  He added, "I am not resigning my office because the people elected me and want me to do a good job.  I am going to do a good job for them in finishing this term."

*  When he gives you a job, he always finishes. 

*  No wonder McCain's fundraising is down: it's all in increments of $20.

*  On the bright side, he could win that "Next Best Thing" TV show with his George Michael impression.

A researcher from Utrecht University claims that we can largely credit the rise of literacy to worn-out underwear.  In the Middle Ages, peasants became tradesmen, and since men had to interact with women customers, people started wearing underwear for the first time.  This eventually led to a big supply of rags from used underwear, which were recycled by papermakers into a cheap replacement for expensive parchment.  So thanks to old underwear, paper for printing became plentiful and books became affordable. 

*  But don't even ASK where the term "watermark" came from. 

*  This was the perfect medium for printing Jackie Collins novels. 

*  So out of men's underwear emerged "Moby Dick." 


On "Good Morning America," Diane Sawyer revealed what she called "the most hurtful experience" she'd ever had in a courtroom.  She said she was rejected for jury duty after a judge asked if she could be fair and truthful, "And I said, 'That's what journalists do.'  And
everybody in the courtroom laughed.'"

*  Especially the other journalists. 

QUOTE OF THE DAY!  Kelly Clarkson said when record label boss Clive Davis didn't like her new album, she told him, "You're 80.  You're not supposed to like it"

* It's official: Kelly Clarkson has more balls than Justin Timberlake.