Sunday Cable Report

Hung - no nudity this week

Entourage - anonymous strippers

True Blood - (1) Natasha Alam: see-through to breasts while dancing for Eric; (2) Jade Taylor: breasts and thong as stripper/victim; (3) Anna Paquin: brief bikini underwear in Eric's fantasy; (4) Brit Morgan: underwear at werewolf initiation ceremony.

These clips are all 640x360. We should have better clips from some True Blood scenes tomorrow.


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Erika Anderson film clips (samples below).


Tiffany McGuinnes film clips (samples below).




El Niño Pez

(Argentina; 2009)

Johnny's comments:

"I haven't capped many Argentinean films over my 9 years (can't believe it's been 9 years - on the 26th - since my first cap, wow!), so here we go.

El Niño Pez (The Fish Child) is about a maid (Mariela Vitale aka popstar Emme) who is having an affair with both the father and the daughter (Inés Efron) of the house but is more interested in the daugther. Then, the father, a high ranking judge, is murdered, presumably by the girls and while the maid is taking the heat for it, the daughter runs away to the maid's old home waiting for her, until the maid is arrested for the murder. She then comes back to town to take the rap for the murder and free her girlfriend. Except it doesn't quite go to plan. Very interesting drama/thriller with a great lead performance from Inés Efron, who was also great in XXY.

Oh and there's some good girl-girl stuff."

Film clips of Ines Efron and Mariela Vitale

Efron collages


Vitale Collages




Leila Arcieri in Buffalo Bushido

Lezley Zen in Buffalo Bushido


Mariana Loyola in The Maid


Catalina Saavedra in The Maid

Maria Elena Swett in El Nominado


Natalia Verbeke in Tempesta

Dree Hemingway




From Y Tu Mama Tambien: Maribel Verdu and Maria Aura

Verdu samples

Aura sample

Lopez-Mercado sample

Monica Bellucci film festival: Heartango, La Riffa, and Vita Coi Figli

From Elegy in 720p: Penelope Cruz and Patricia Clarkson