TV Round-Up

True Blood's latest episode (s4e3, last night) features brief HD (720p) nudity from a character played by Courtney Ford.  See below.


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Paperback Hero


Elizabeth Ashley film clips. See below.





Today's 1970s clips:

Phyllis Davis in Terminal Island (1973).

PJ Soles in Halloween (1978)

Rosalba Neri in Slaughter Hotel (1971)


Rikky and Pete


Johnny's comments:

Rikky and Pete is a typical Nadia Tass/David Parker comedy about a brother Pete (Stephen Kearney) and sister Rikky (Nina Landis) who are struggling to make a living in Melbourne. Pete makes gadgets and is also a menace to the local police. Rikky has a geology degree, but doesn't have a job except for the occasional music gig. When their rich parents cut them off, they decide to go to the minefields in Broken Hill and make a go of it up there. All the while they are followed by a cop (Bill Hunter) who wants Pete for himself. In Broken Hill, Rikky gets a job as a geologist while Pete lies his way to a mining job. They make friends with a various bunch of misfits and this results in starting their own little mining adventure which reaps some benefits.

This is a strange misfire from Tass and Parker (who have also made Malcolm, The Big Steal, Amy and recently back together for Matching Jack). It fits their formula perfectly, but the plot really isn't interesting and the lead characters are largely forgettable. As usual, the supporting casts adds plenty to the film, particularly Filipina actress Tetchie Agbayani and Bill Hunter, but all the major stuff is just lame. And I say this as someone who loves Malcolm and The Big Steal, the ultimate Claudia Karvan film. Bah...

Tetchie Agbayani film clip.

Collage below.



Film Clips

Emmanuelle Chriqui in Farewell to Entourage (2011) in 720p.  Not naked. See below.

Agnes Kittelsen in Sykt Lykkelig (2010) in 1080p.  See below.

Andrea Dueso in Marina (2010). See below.

Shari Solanis in Now And Later (2009).  See below.

Olga Frycz in All That I Love (2009).  See below.

Katarzyna Herman in All That I Love (2009).  See below.

Ruth Bradley in In Her Skin (2009) in 1080p.  See below.

Kate Bell in In Her Skin (2009) in 1080p.  See below.

Isabelle Carre in Cliente (2008) in 1080hd.  See below.

Sabina Schneebeli in Das Geheimnis Von Murk (2007).  See below.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Viktoriya Tarasova in Soviet Park (2006). See below.

Emmanuelle Seigner in The Ninth Gate (1999) in 1080p.  See below.

Ali MacGraw in Just Tell Me What You Want (1980). See below.


Julie Ege in Kanarifuglen (1973).  See below.



Kate Moss - Friday


Christina Aguilera

Deborah Harrison-Lowe in House of the Rising Sun

Breanne Benson in American Fetish (2010)


Ryan Keely in American Fetish (2010)

Charlie Laine in American Fetish (2010)

Mistress Erzsebet in American Fetish (2010)

Mercedes in Exploited (2010)

Mercedes in the special features on the Exploited DVD (2010)