Young People Fucking


I didn't know anything about this film in advance and when I saw the title I was filled with dread. I thought it was going to be another one of those pretentious and oh-so-serious serious films where the director haughtily flaunts his disdain for conventional mores, ala 9 Songs or Lie With Me. After all, the title just cries out, "Look at me. I'm just so self-consciously audacious that you can tell how superior I feel to you church-goin' rubes."

Thank God I was wrong because I hate that kind of movie. The people who make those films tend to take all the fun out of sex and can't seem to distinguish between erotica and explicitness.

This Canadian film is a pleasant, down-to-earth repertory comedy. The title serves several purposes. First, it accurately describes what the film is about. Second, it is part of the film's humor. Third, it is designed to attract attention and publicity to a film which might otherwise get lost in the shuffle.

The film basically demonstrates that the process of love-making follows a certain path and moves in defined steps, irrespective of how well the partners know one another. To make the point, it takes five couples (well, one is a threesome, to be technical) at totally different stages in their relationships and relates how one act of intercourse develops for each couple. The film is divided into six chapters which represent the stages of an evening's seduction, and the narrative cuts back and forth among the stories. One of the couples is on a first date; one is comfortably married; one consists of exes; one is a pair of long-time friends trying to have their one and only lifetime sportfuck; the last is the threesome, in which a man persuades his girlfriend and male roommate to have sex with one another while he watches.

Young People Fucking works. I don't normally like ensemble relationship comedies any better than the self-consciously arty pseudo-erotica I was dreading, simply because there are so many pitfalls they can fall into. This film avoids all the problems by negotiating the balance between zany and warm; as well as that between contrived and realistic. The characters are recognizable, complex and as credible as can be expected from a comedy which has to deliver a certain quota of laughs.  The script takes enough time to develop each of the five mini-plays so that the emotional resonance of the scenes can shine through the comic set-ups. You will not like every single character, but even the coldest ones (the first date couple) have vulnerabilities and insecurities which make them sympathetic to some degree, and the eleven actors do quite a good job at making the audience members feel as if they were eavesdropping on real situations. Best of all, the film approaches the subject matter with honesty to match its good humor, and you may even be moved in a couple of spots.

Plus there's plenty of topless nudity from some beautiful women with their own factory-original breasts. (And a couple of firm male butts for those inclined to enjoy that component of the action.)

This film is a very pleasant and sexy way to pass 80-some minutes.


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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Head of the Family


Jacqueline Lovell plays a sexpot who is married to an asshole, so she is having it off with the owner of a mini-mart any chance she gets. Fortunately, her biker husband is not too bright. She runs into the Stackpool family, which consists of four Siamese twins who have been separated. One of the four (Alexandria Quinn) is a sexpot, one is all eyes and ears, another is very strong, and the head of the family is literally that, a giant head. The family is working together to abduct and experiment on passers-by to find a good body solution for the head. Lovell catches the Stackpool family in some dirty deeds, and blackmails them into bumping off her ornery husband, but finds there will be a huge price to pay.

I consider it a good sign when both Andrew Borntreger and Joe Bob Briggs have reviewed a film, and I was not disappointed in this one. Yes, this is pure cheese, but it is my kind of cheese.


Jacqueline Lovell shows everything

Alexandria Quinn shows some impressive breasts











Double feature

Today we have a very young and delicious Kay Lenz showing off her tits and getting it on with the late and great William Holden in Clint Eastwood's Breezy (1973).


Plus a topless Anna Levine in the bathtub in Fast Food Fast Women (2000).







Notes and collages

As Good as it Gets


Helen Hunt









This 2003 comedy spoof of women-in-prison flicks has something for everyone: ugly chicks (mostly) in the shower scenes, Kung Foo food fights, mutant zombies, evil scientists, mud wrestling, the whole works. It's just horrible, but goofy enough to be funny in parts. Oh, and they have a countdown shower clock to alert you to the next shower scene (there are 4, although I'm pretty sure they shot them all together).

The sad part is that none of the featured actresses, including Laurie Walton, actually got naked, although she did start out the movie sitting on the can. In the shower scenes, though, she avoided showing anything but her head and upper chest.

The plot (yeah, they actually bothered for some reason) is that Callista is abducted by a group collecting specimens for a mad scientist. They are taken to a Philippine jail where they are tortured and experimented on. Sister Janie (Laurie Walton) learns of Callista's fate, goes to the Philippines, and gets herself arrested (by stoving in a bum's head with a crowbar), so she can spring sis.

It's just terrible, and even the nudity is so-so, but fans of over-the-top campy slapstick comedy may like it.

Laurie Walton








Exit to Eden


Part 3

Julie Hughes

Sandra Taylor














Dorothy De Poliolo in L'Avventura

Celine Dion in a bikini

The sort of thing that the evil hand would make Mr. Bill look at

Jordan (Katie Price) caught sunbathing topless.

She looks great, but it's not like we've never seen her breasts before.

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