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Forbidden Highway


Before and during the opening credits, the story is completely set up for some plot-driven couples erotica. Francis Cobert is being staked nearly naked to the ground in the desert, and he begins to explain how he got there.

In the first flashback, Kira Reed is doing a rather nasty Mafia type, and as she leaves, she steals his ring and cufflinks. We learn that Kira and Cobert have intertwined fates. They work for the same Russian Mafia type, who in turn answers to the man who lost his ring. Cobert's immediate boss decides to send him to LA to deliver Kira to the big boss in his prize possession, a car. Kira starts off in the trunk, but before you know it Cobert is in Kira, and having all sorts of unhealthy thoughts. Kira eventually takes off with the car, and Cobert hitches to the next town in pursuit.

Meanwhile, Mia Zottoli also works for the Russian, but has ambition, and makes her own cash deal with the big man to deliver the ring. The plot will eventually bring all the proncipal characters together, but not before lots of hanky-panky.

This is a very solid genre entry. There are four well-known women completely naked in good light having simulated sex. There is also a nifty story, and very good acting by genre standards.

For me, this is a clear C+ on our scale.

This is only available from on a dual region (1 and 4) DVD in English with Spanish subtitles. Click on the image for details.

Forbidden Highway (1999)

Kira Reed, Mia Zottoli, Dee Summer and Tracy Ryan all show everything.



Kira Reed


Mia Zottoli


Dee Summer


Tracy Ryan








A Double Feature today.

Death Tunnel


A really bad movie. Kristin Novak shows the goods in the obligatory shower scene.




Thunderbolt and Lightfoot


Then the Time Machine goes back to 1974 for a "Babe in Bondage," Leslie Oliver

Scoop's note: most people don't realize that this film was the directorial debit of Michael Cimino, who became famous as the director of the Deer Hunter, then infamous as the director of Heaven's Gate. According to IMDb, he got back in the folding chair this year, after more than a decade's absence, to direct one part of a multi-director anthology film, To Each His Own Cinema, which consists of 33 films, each three minutes long. It seems that just about every director you can name had a hand in this film, including Polanski, Cronenberg, Wim Wenders, Ken Loach, Inarritu, Atom Egoyan, Gus Van Sant, David Lynch, the Coen Brothers and more than two dozen others!!







Notes and collages

Operation Swordfish

Halle Berry, who  was a Bond girl in Die Another Day ...

Scoop's notes: Someday we should take a poll to determine the sexiest non-nude scene of our era. Halle holding that gun in her skimpy underwear would have to be a contender.







Halloween 6


Jamie Lloyd, the only surviving blood relative of Michael Myers, was kidnapped by the mysterious "man in black," who is really the leader of a cult which protects Michael Myers. Jamie gives birth to Myers' child and thus the bloodline of Myers continues. She escapes from the cult but they send out Michael Myers himself to get the baby back. She manages to hide the baby but is killed by Myers. The baby is then found by Kara Strode, who takes it home.

The Strodes now live in the Myers' old house and Michael doesn't take this too kindly.

He sets about killing them all.


Mariah O'Brien



Marianne Hagan










When Men Carried Clubs and Women Played Ding-Dong

Damn, those 80's Italian comedies sucked. Good example is When Men Carried Clubs and Women Played Ding-Dong, whatever the fudge that means. It sucked and blew at the same time. Which brings me to this: Around these parts we judge the suckiness of a movie by how much T&A&B would have to appear on screen to justify another viewing. This movie? Both Jessicas, Alba and Biel, both starkers, doing some guy ... ME! ... and then I just might watch it again.

But, what we get is Lucretia Love and Nadia Cassini in and out of fur skins. Not even close to being an enticement.

So glad its over.


Nadia is interesting enough to warrant both caps and two film clips.

Lucretia gets a collage...all she deserves.









The latest film clips to match some of LC's earlier collages:
Handje Kodja and Celine Sallette in Meurtrieres

Diana Amft and Stefania Rocca in D'Artagnan Et Les Trois Mousquetaires






Yesterday's Leftovers

Here are the vids I couldn't load yesterday because my cable connection was on the fritz.

Here are a couple of scenes worth seeing in high definition.

  1. Monica Bellucci in that crazy wolf thing -(Le Pacte Des Loups) - which I called "The Citizen Kane of pre-revolutionary French, secret society, tree-talkin', kung-fu, giant ugly Muppet soap operas."
  2. Kate Hudson in The Skeleton Key, a guilty pleasure summer evening movie that audiences enjoyed although critics did not.
This time Marvin turns his attention to Mari Maurstad in Drommeslottet. Film clip here, sample in yesterday's page.

Today's Catch

I don't really know who "zorg" is, but he came up with a real winner here. We have never even had any decent caps from Il Cappotto di Astrakan, an early Carole Bouquet film in which she looks smashing. Zorg's film clips are so nice that I was able to make some nice caps from them as well.

Asia Argento has never been shy. Here she is in the new Italian GQ






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

The "D.C. Madam" has released her escort service phone records, and Republican Senator David Vitter of Louisiana was on them.  Vitter offered his "deep and sincere apologizes" for "a very serious sin in my past, for which I am, of course, completely responsible."  He said, "Several years ago, I asked for and received forgiveness from God and my wife in confession and marriage counseling" and "out of respect for my family," he would say no more.  

*  Hey, he's a Louisiana politician: if it wasn't a transvestite hooker that he paid with bribe money from his freezer, then he's practically a saint.

UCLA psychology studies over four years found that those old Charles Atlas ads were right: musclemen do get more women.  Brawny guys were twice as likely to have more sex partners, flings and affairs than men with less chiseled bodies, and women preferred the ripped guys for short term affairs.  However, when women are ready for a longterm relationship, they see musclemen as too domineering and volatile, so they tend to settle down with less brawny men, who they believe are more romantic and faithful.  

*  They have to be faithful: women only have affairs with musclemen.

Alex Hell of Melbourne, Australia, is angry with St. Peter the Apostle
Catholic School for rejecting his son Max, 5, because of his name.  He was being bullied over it at his previous school, so they transferred him to St. Peter, but Mr. Hell said that when they learned his name, they withdrew his invitation.  They only relented after the media picked up the story, but Hell said he'd rather send Max to some other school. 

*  Or he might sue!  Then there'll be Hell to pay! 

The Manchester, New Hampshire, man who robbed a bank while disguised as a tree was arrested at his home

* He would've skipped town, but he had roots there.