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Strangerland is a mystery drama where parents Catherine and Matthew Parker (Nicole Kidman and Joseph Fiennes) are distraught after the disappearance of their son and daughter after a dust storm engulf the town. Already reeling from issues involving their 15 year-old daughter Lily (Maddison Brown) and her affair with a teacher, resulting in the family moving to a new town, Matthew is readying himself for another scandal and decides to avoid looking for his kids by working at his pharmacy. Catherine is not handling the children's disappearance well at all and is falling into old habits. The investigation and search led by local cop David (Hugo Weaving) is running into dead end after dead end, but not without bringing up some problems. It seems that Burtie (Meyne Wyatt), the slow brother of his partner Coreen (Lisa Flanagan), has had relations with the promiscuous Lily and he isn't the only one. But, could Burtie kill the missing children. Things become more clouded when Matthew finally does his own searching and finds his son alive, but severely dehydrated. Now it is a race against time to find Lily and you can only survive so long in the outback.

A strange misfire considering the talent involved, Strangerland never really gathers much interest in its story of a troubled family. While Kidman is alright in her role, Fiennes is lumped with a thankless role, all anger (he bashes or attempts to any suspect that comes to light) or he's shunted off when anything emotional needs to happen. Weaving doesn't fair much better as a cop who seems to spend more time fending off Catherine's advances than investigating. Ultimately, it's not really the actors fault as the screenplay is weak, even including some unnecessary stuff involving Aboriginal legends and the mystery is handled poorly. And the ending, ah forget about it. Strangerland reminds me a helluva lot of one of the worst Australian movies I've ever seen, The Missing, their plots are very similar, although The Missing was very heavy on turning Aboriginal legends into mumbo jumbo. Strangerland is only slightly better than that. Very disappointing...

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