Rio Sex Comedy

We already had clips from this French/Brazilian co-production, but I feel obligated to add this very brief clip because: (1) Irene Jacob shows her esteemed and world-famous backside; (2) either they are really getting it on, or it's a very convincing simulation.


TV Round-Up

Femme Fatales is on episode 9. Here are some third-party 720p clips from the latest episode:

Ana Alexander and Crystal Allen. See below.

Jules Hartley. See below.


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.




Blood and Concrete


Jennifer Beals film clip. See below.

She was still in her 20s here. It's her usual tease on the boobs, but at least she showed the ol' rump in this one.





"In Brainscanís clip from Emanuelle Around the World, Laura Gemserís blond companion is Karin Schubert."


Today's 1970s clips:

Barbara Hershey in Boxcar Bertha (1972).

This B flick was directed by no less esteemed a personage as Martin Scorsese! The following year he would direct Mean Streets and establish his legend, thus obviating the necessity to make more drive-in flims.

Anita Strindberg in Lizard in a Woman's Skin (1971)



Continuing with episodes in the sixth and seventh season of Baywatch, which were made in 1996 and 1997. And the playmates were aplenty.

Season Six

Episode 19 - Forbidden Paradise Part 1

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Heidi Mark - bikini cleavage

Pamela Anderson - bikini cleavage

Yasmine Bleeth - sexy

Unknown - bikini lovelies

Episode 20 - Forbidden Paradise Part 2

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Heidi Mark - bikini cleavage

Lee Doversola - sexy

Yasmine Bleeth - pokies

Unknown - Hawaiian Tropic models, I can say no more

Episode 21 - Last Wave

Pamela Bach - pokies

Episode 22 - Go for the Gold

Pamela Anderson - pokies

Therese Kablan - a too-small bikini


Season Seven

Episode 1 - Shark Fever

Yasmine Bleeth - pokies

Unknown - I loved crocheted bikinis

Episode 2 - The Contest

Cali Timmins - sexy

Hope Allen - sexy

Nancy Valen - bikini

Patty Breton - bikini

Traci Bingham - pokies

Unknown - bikini contest contestants

Episode 3 - Liquid Assets

Melanie Kerr - sexy

Unknown - wow

Episode 4 - Windswept

Hunter Tylo - cleavage

Linda Hoffman - sexy

Unknown - nice

Episode 5 - Scorcher

Unknown - lovely

Episode 6 - Beachblast

Elke Jensen - bikin


Idalis Leon - sexy

Jenny McCarthy - sexy

Rhonda Rydell - sexy

Unknown - bikinis

Episode 7 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Connie Stevens - cleavage

Lori Ashton - pokies

Pamela Anderson - pokies


Episode 8 - Let the Games Begin

Donna D'Errico - sexy

Gena Lee Nolin - sexy

Traci Bingham - sexy

Episode 9 - Buried

Amanda Wilmshurst - lovely

Donna D'Errico - tasty

Tai Collins - sexy

Unknown - bikini

Episode 10 - Search & Rescue

Alecia Guzman - sexy

Yasmine Bleeth - cleavage

Episode 11 - Heal the Bay

Cheryl Maxfield - sexy

Donna D'Errico - sexy

Traci Bingham - lovely

Unknown - bikini babes

Episode 12 - Bachelor of the Month

Alexandra Paul - pokies

Ashley Cusato - nice

Sarah Buxton - upskirt

Yasmine Bleeth - pokies

Unknown - models


"20 something"

segment "Breast Obsessed"

This is a Canadian reality series from few years ago. Never saw the series but the participants did some strategic nude poses for a poster.

first row (right to left): Samantha Crowther (Body Language),  Jill Clark (host), April Morgan (hefmag model). second row: Katie Coristine (producer), Sabrina Taylor (singer), Stacey Prieur (comedian).

"Hot Thespian Action"

This is a comedy troupe in Winnipeg who did some strategic nude poses on some saucy posters.

(right to left): Shannon Guile, Jane Testar, Jacqueline Loewen

American Pie Book of Love Babes

doing some modeling.

Anelore Popa: hottub girl in bikini contest.

Cheyenne Shamei: wet t-shirt babe modeling bikini.

Jasmine Mooney: pop party girl disappeared after movie.

Keana Iwaskow: lady of the evening is a bikini model now in Australia.

Karmeyn Loiselle: wet t-shirt girl disappeared after the movie.

Laura Mitchell: hottub girl showing some bare midriff.

Lila Popa: puking drunk girl modeling lingerie.

Meghan Feenstra: pop tarty girl modeling lingerie as Meghan Amelia.

Melissa Emy: enticing party girl almost nude.

Melissa Marie Peters: party girl who crushed beer cans with her robohooters is a nude and hefmag model.

Shannon Cotnam: lady of the evening is a bikini model now in Australia.

Willa Potter: pop tarty girl doing some arty nude modelling.

More models and some misc:

Alysha Aubin: bathing suit.

Andreane Chamberlands: side boob.

Antoinette Dejong: topless with pasties on fashion runway.

Athena Isabel Lebessis: the super stripper from Beta House in her Calvin Kleins.

Bonnie Mcfarlane: Canadian comedian exposing thong.

Chantal Peron: side boob.

Dawn Furey: nude modeling collage before she became a full time stripper.

Ivy Vine: explicit nude by porn actress.

Jazz Testolini: sexy in her double-double DD-cups.

Jennyfer Desbiens: montreal nude model.

Jessica Welch: side boob.

Kaitlyn Wong: arms-over-boobs by last year's Miss CHIN Bikini winner.

Karolyne Auger: modeling some lingerie

Line Pelletier: she won't need a floatation device for her scuba gear.

Marikym Hervieux: girlfriend of the Dodger's Russell Martin modeling some lingerie.

Marina Eva: montreal actress modeling somewhat revealing blouse.

Marsha Marsha: lesbian interest from MuchMusic's Love Court very nude.

Melodie Cyr: modeling lingerie.

Naiia Lajoie: partial boob.

Natalie Gauvreau: nude collage from her twitter pics.

Sasha Von BonBon: Toronto burlesque dancer topless with pasties.

Shanna Armogan: former Miss Canada contestant nude.

Sima Fisher: another arms-over-boobs.

Skye Collyer: sexy in demo reel.

Suzie Vera: nice cameltoe.

Talia Russo: classic arms-over-boobs.

Tasha Moth: b-movie babe is fitness and pregnant model.

Vanessa Iacovelli: nice modeling collage.

Vivita: b-movie babe sexy.

Xiao Sun: former Miss Canada contestant sexy.



"The Secret Life of Us Three"

(series three, 2003)

Abi Tucker film clip. Collages below.

Gigi Edgley film clip. Collages below.



Film Clips

Christine Smith in Bad Teacher (2011). Cam quality. See below.

Celine Bonnier in French Kiss (2011). See below.

Ruby Brown in French Kiss (2011). See below.

Lene Maria Christensen in En familie (2010). See below.

Rungano Nyoni in Iron Doors (2010). See below.

Christy Carlson Romano in Mirrors 2 (2010) in 1080p. See below.

Hayley Atwell in The Pillars of the Earth (e7, 2010) in 1080p. See below.

Jessica Pare in Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) in 1080p. See below.

Esther Roehrborn in Umdeinleben (2009). See below.

Caroline Peters in Umdeinleben (2009). See below.

Malin Akerman in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (2004) in 1080p. See below.

Some time ago, Eva Green's performance in The Dreamers (2003) was chosen as the greatest nude performance of the century by no less an authority than ... well, me.

OK, maybe I'm not really all that authoritative, but I'm still willing to stand by my choice. Here are several 1080p clips, one from each of the major nude scenes. To the right of each film clip link is a sample from that particular scene.

Finally, Kelly MacDonald in Trainspotting (1996) in 1080p. See below.



Paltrow on vacation. Possibly some labia in the first one.

Cobie Smulders in The Long Weekend (2005)

Maria Diaz in Extramarital (1997)

Marushka Detmers in The Devil in the Flesh (1986)


Alice Denham in The Twilight Girls (1957)