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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.










Emmanuelle Beart 720p film clips. Collages below.








Last House on the Beach


Today the Time Machine is back to the seventies for "The Last House on the Beach,. a poor rip off of "Last House on the Left" with minimal nudity.


Florinda Bolkan plays a nun who is forced to strip. Boobs only. Caps and a clip.

Sherry Buchanan shows the tits fighting off an attacker, she stabs him. Caps and 2 clips.




Forever Young


Jamie Lee Curtis returns in "Forever Young". No nudity , but she looks good in her bra and short skirt. Caps and a clip.






TV Land

Over in TV Land Jamie Colby of "Fox News" looks good in red. Caps and a HD clip.










Notes and collages

Pool Party


Sarah Horvath








El Juego de Ahorcado



Clara Lago film clips (collages below)











Rachel Williams

Vida Guerra

I guess Amanda Palmer (of The Dresden Dolls) posted these in her twitter account


Anne Hathaway in that Rachel Getting Married thingy

Edith Larente was a ring chick for UFC


Film Clips