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Trader Hornee


"The film that breaks the law of the jungle"

Today we bring you the highlights from a really bad movie "The Arena," the 2001 remake. This was a vehicle for 2 former Playboy Playmates. Some boobage from the Playmate of the Month for December 1997, Karen McDougal.

The Playmate from July 1998 Lisa Dergen also shows breasts. Caps and two clips.

Also boobs from Severina Kamugisha Kemirimbe. Caps and a clip.

Three film clips of all the girls.



Murphy's Law

Bonus caps of Angel Tompkins.







Notes and collages



Sean Young

The Color of Money


Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio







Fairy Tales


Some clips from Fairy Tales

This adult version of the Brothers Grimm stories is a hoot. You got your Idy Tripoldi to start off things and your Linnea Quigley to finish 'em up. Between those two, Angela Aames and former Pet Mariwin Roberts and a bunch of others give up the goodies. There is even a reverse Hankster scene in which guys are chained to the wall and nekkid gals are offering to whip they sing Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar. One of the singing whipsters - the brunette - is Evelyn Guerrero.

The final clip: Sherri Bragg (sample below)














Miscellaneous scans

Agnes Deyn
Eva Longoria
Julianne Moore
Julie Christie
Mara Carfagna
Meryl Streep
Monica Bellucci
Bellucci and Eva Herzigova
Natalie Portman
Pam Anderson
Paris Hilton
Penelope Cruz in Elegy
Sex and the City chicks
Sharon Stone, Dita Von Teese and Diane Kruger
Sylvia Miles









Selma Blair in a see-through

New collages from Hugo

Alesia Riabenkova in Conspiracy
Charlotte Lewis in Dial: Help
Francoise Pascal in The Iron Rose
Kaela Dobkin in Kicking and Screaming
Perrey Reeves in Kicking and Screaming
Keira Knightley in Silk
Naoko Watanabe in Silk
Sei Ashina in Silk
Mischa Barton in Closing the Ring
Roselyn Sanchez in Yellow

New collages from DragonScan

Patricia Arquette in Lost Highway
Blanchard Ryan in Open Water
Cocoa Brown in Antimatter
Neta Garty in Love Life
Summer Makovkin in Rebekah: Pep Squad
Lindsay Maxwell in Decoys: the Second Seduction
Natalie McFetridge in Decoys: the Second Seduction
Cinthia Moura in Deer Woman
Sophia Miles in Art Schooll Confidential
Paige Peterson in House of the Dead 2
Maija Polsey in The Beast of Bray Road
Holly Sampson in Staying on Top
Petra Schmidt-Shaller in Runaway Horse
Pilar Soto in Beneath Still Waters
Daniella Vesterlund in Stinger
Lynn Whitfield in The Josephine Baker Story

Film Clips

Rachel Weisz in The Constant Gardener. (2005)

Note: this clip is in .mkv format. If you do not have the VLC media player, I suggest it enthusiastically. It is open source. It is free. It is excellent. It plays just about anything (including DVDs). It even has a "capture" button! I often use it to make caps, and I think Hank uses it exclusively. The only downside of the native capture capability is that it is difficult to pinpoint the precise frame one wants because there is no "frame advance" or "frame back" feature  - yet -  but they keep improving it, ala Firefox.

The women of Final Examination. This 2003 film features just about every available Queen B.

Lila Baumann in The Diary (1999)


Julie Fournier in Snow White (2005, sample right)

Note: the two Snow White clips are in .mp4 format. The VLC media player should also handle these with no problem.

Zoe Mikuleczky in Snow White (2005, sample right)