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Blue Velvet

1988, 1920x1080

Isabella Rossellini

Blood Out

Blood Out (2011) has some unidentified women topless.

AnnaLynne McCord is also topless but is wearing some nipple covers.

Also looking good are:

Misty Ormiston - Kim Ormiston

Shanna Forrestall

Stephanie Honore



Johnny's comments:

Skinford is a comedy thriller where Jimmy aka Skinny (Joshua Brennan) is forced to dig his own grave as he's about to be executed, but in the process he discovers a moving hand which he grabs just before a hitman shoots him. But, he does not die and ends up killing the hitman and finding out that the hand belongs to an unidentified woman (Charlotte Best). who's being buried underground. They both then survive a car bomb meant for the hitman after he completed the job. It looks like both Jimmy and the unidentified woman cannot die. Turns out that Skinny's supposed death was related to a truck that belongs to some very bad people who force him to give the truck back. We also learn that the unidentified woman is named Zophia, but her existence is shrouded in mystery and Skinny keeps her around as his 'good luck charm'. Skinny and Zophia track down the truck which turns out to have a dozen young women destined to be trafficked by a despicable crime lord also 10 year-old girl Kovak (Coco Jack Gillies) and one of the trafficked girls is Skinny's ex Jaya (Kelly Paterniti) who they help escape, except that's not what happens. Now Kovak is extremely mad and wants to destroy Skinny and Zophia but how do you destroy someone who can't die. As they get out of another scrape, Skinny helps Zophia find out who she is and how she can end this madness she wants to end.

Intriguing and very fun movie that has a few good laughs along the way. The story is pretty wild while not fully explained (possibly to be done so in a proposed sequel) and the villains are all very cartoonish, particularly the 10 year-old Kovak. While neither lead is a stand-out, the plot is doing most of the work and the story is what's best about Skinford. Bafflingly, all of the non-ethnic characters have a British accent which I can't explain as it's usually an American accent for obvious US sales reasons and the accents are pretty wild and sometimes strange, but it's not a big issue. Skinford is a pretty fun ride if you like a ridiculous crime comedy with a hint of the supernatural. And a major, MAJOR plus is Charlotte Best spends the entire movie in either singlet and panties (sometimes soaking wet and mostly with her nipples standing out) or improvised short dress and is also briefly naked and that ain't a bad thing in any way.

Skinford is actually available to watch as a web series on the Vice website (and has been since February, of course I only just found out about it), but it's only legally available in the US and France (go watch it if you can or know how to circumvent geolocation restrictions). So, I found a way around this to watch and screen capture it, so it's not perfect HD quality, but it's not bad at all. I did have some audio sync issues which frustrated my greatly because it took 3 days to finish this update and there's still some brief sync issues in one video below which I can't be fucked going back and fixing. I'll redo these videos when a better HD release of Skinford becomes available. I never have these issues when I'm capping from Blurays/HD Web Downloads or for my previous screen capture of the movie Dawn. Just so frustrating...

Charlotte Best film clips (collages below)

Lara Schwerdt film clip (sample below)

Jessica Sonneborn and Julianne Tura in The Haunting of Alice D (2014) in 1080hd

Milena Dreissig, Alexandra Finder and Brigitte Boettrich in Anton's Fest (2013) in 720p




Carice van Houten in Black Butterflies (2011) in 1080hd

Mariel Hemingway in The Mean Season (1985) in 720p

Alyson Best in Harlequin (1980) in 1080hd

Laura Harrier (from the new Spider-Man movie)

Natalie Portman

Tanya Mityushina

Kendall Jenner

Rhian Sugden