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Cherry Tree


Johnny's  comments:

Cherry Tree is an Irish horror movie where 15 year-old Faith (Naomi Battrick) is struggling to cope with her father Sean (Sam Hazeldine) suffering the debilitating effects of cancer and has less than 3 months to live. She's not fairing much better at school, bullied by the more popular girl and then the new hockey coach Sissy (Anna Walton) arrives and takes her under her wing. Turns out Sissy is a witch and makes an offer to Faith that she save her father, but in return, she wants Faith to give birth to a child for her. Faith, who has never had sex, is baffled by the offer, but she desperately wants her father to live, so on her 16th birthday, she has sex with an older boy who likes her, Brian (Patrick Gibson). Well, Faith falls pregnant and Sissy cures her father as promised. The baby is growing quicker than usual and during that time, Faith finds out that Sissy wants the child to sacrifice for her greater ambitions, so Faith decides to she will hide from Sissy and her coven and save her child, but Sissy's coven is far-reaching and she will stop at nothing to enacts her dastardly plans. Surprisingly nasty horror movie that is not a bad little movie. Good performances from Battrick and Walton steer the movie quite well, even when it gets a bit silly, but overall, I enjoyed Cherry Tree.

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Johnny's  comments:

Also, there's some videos of Kristen Stewart from the sci-fi romantic drama Equals, an OK movie, but to be honest, I'm not really a fan of these dour dramas about breaking free in dystopic futures that seem to a thing at the moment.

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