TV Round-Up

Some unidentified breasts in episode four of The White Queen

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Scoop's note: These are not typical Aesthete contributions, as they do not represent xcomplete nudity summaries of some given movies. They are only brief excerpts. As I have mentioned on previous days, Aesthete has been tinkering with upsizing some great scenes that are not available in HD. These are a couple more of his samples. I think they came out good.

Full Body Massage


1080 upsize

for full figure lovers: Mimi Rogers in Full Body Massage

Lovely & Amazing


1080 upsize

for those who prefer the vulnerable waifs: Emily Mortimer in Lovely and Amazing


"La Belle Vie"


Brainscan's notes:

Valerie Donzelli in La Belle Vie.  Gal was in her late 30's when she made this; the exposure is complete and her form is mighty fine. 


Just a Note:

One more thought on the mailbox question about actresses who have appeared with shaved coochies:

B-movie actress Kerri Taylor has also been both shaved and unshaved in various movies but for her nude modelling she's strictly disco bush.

Film/TV clips

Jessica Clark (with Barbara Niven) in A Perfect Ending (2012)
(Jessica plays the ever-naked Lilith on True Blood.)

Jennifer Polansky's impressive chest bounces like mad in Neverlost (2010) in 1080p


Rihanna really knows how to dress. (I guess it's a lip-slip.)

A few from Celebrity Bottoms:

Anne Parillaud in Innocent Blood

Annet Malherbe in Voyeur

Capucine Delaby in Odysseus, s1e1

Frederique Bel in Please Please Me

Laetitia Casta in Do Not Disturb

Melanie Griffith in Body Double

Tanta Roberts in Sheena