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If you could help me with trying to figure out the title of this (80s??) movie, I'd be thankful.


The movie was about this guy how wanted to introduce these 3 women to a club/bar. The women went to the bar and were all drugged. One of the women had a rock hard body and did a strip pole dance while the female bartender was checking out one of the others. Eventually the women passed out and were taken to the back of the bar where women were caged and sold overseas as sex slaves. The head of this sex slave operation was a very unattractive older women who dressed almost S&M. She had the typical moron goons that worked with her. I believe it was a cable movie. Not sure if was ever released on DVD or VHS.

Do you have any clue of which movie this refers to??

Thank you for your time and any help.




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Intimate Confessions of Sex-ripe Nymphomaniacs

This subtly-titled film (Intime Gestandnisse geschlechtsreijer Nymphomaninnen in German) is a 2007 German hard core sex film issued in a limited edition (only 1,000 created). It is hard core in the sense that it contains boy-on-girl, girl-on-boy, and girl-on-girl oral sex, as well as strap-on penetration, dildos, a power sex machine, and tons of masturbation. There is no male/female intercourse.

The framing device of the film centers on two girlfriends exchanging stories. One is having trouble sleeping because it is 10 PM on the eve of her birthday, so the two start relating sex stories about their friends to make the time pass. Between stories, we see the two become increasingly intimate, until they finally unwrap a birthday present, a nice strap-on, and try it out. The action switches back and forth between the two girls in the present time and dramatic illustrations of the stories they relate.

  • In the first story, one of them gave a sex machine to her roommate, Suzi-Anne, who tried it immediately. She loved it, but unfortunately, it turned her into a hooker. We see her with a difficult client, who can't get it up no matter how hard she sucks it, but finally gets off by whipping her.
  • Then we hear about Anja, who masturbates constantly, as near as we can tell, and doesn't care who watches.
  • Next, our two roommates play a little lickity-split
  • Then we see unknown 1, as she masturbates, then flagellates herself as a nun.
  • Unknown 2 is next, and we see her bound, tickled with an ostrich feather, treated to a dildo, suspended from the ceiling, whipped and forced to give a blow job.
  • It is finally midnight, and time for the strap-on party
  • Then the final story concerns Natascha, in probably the closest thing this film has to a story.


Natascha returns home and finds a letter on the coffee table. It says that the author is through with his girlfriend because she won't do anal, and has decided to switch to her best friend, who will. Natascha gets out a video camera and a dildo, and reams her ass, then writes a suicide note, explaining that her best friend has AIDS, but that he will never get her ass, which is so well shown in the tape she puts with the note.

She is hanging from the ceiling when her roommate arrives looking for the dear Jane HER boyfriend sent her.


I liked some segments more than others, but had to admit that a surprising amount of fetish material was included. The women, though pierced and tattooed, seemed to have natural breasts, which I consider a good thing. In the end, the final story with the surprise ending left me with a positive impression. In fact, the final story was strong enough that it was also released as a short subject called "Analer Alptraum," also contained on this two-disk set.

The all-region PAL discs contain audio tracks, an interview, behind the scenes featurettes, a slide show, trailers and more. The film and the short are in German but with optional English subtitles.

With the complete package and the limited edition, this is a C-. It is of interest to collectors, anyone with an interest in its specific fetishes, and anyone curious about the state of German porn. It is safe to say that is the only US source for this film, and if it is of interest to you, I wouldn't wait, as quantities are limited.


Intimate Confessions of Sex-Ripe Nymphomaniacs



Anja (20)


Jane Zaubermaus


Luna B



Luna B and Jane Zaubermaus






Unknown 1


Unknown 2








The Straun House

Today it's back to another horror film. This one stars Denice Duff, who first shows off her new bra, then has some rough consensual sex which results in her not being able to keep her tits in that new bra.










Notes and collages

The Cool Surface

Teri Hatcher (a Bond girl in Tomorrow Never Dies.)











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Some vids that match up with LC's recent collages:
Toinette Laquiere in Mystere (S01E01 and S01E05)
Babsie Steger in Mystere (S01E06)
Eva Pallares in Dark Blue Almost Black
Marta Etura  in Dark Blue Almost Black
Marie Josee Croze in Ne Le Dis A Personne

To the right is Charlie's collage from this film.






Here's a brief film clip of Nicole Richie's famous runway flash.
Elizabeth Berkley topless in Any Given Sunday
Several clips of Masami Miyazaki in Strange Circus, Here's how Variety described it: "Grand Guignol, Japanese style, takes center stage in "Strange Circus," an out-there yarn that shocks, provokes but ultimately bores with its tasteless indulgences. Indie helmer Sion Sono, who raised eyebrows and some interesting ideas with his 2002 cult fave, "Suicide Club," this time goes for the jugular. Film will be most at home at midnight fest sidebars, or anywhere else where a trash aesthetic is embraced."
This clip of Jule B÷we in Gefangene is hosted at RapidShare. I didn't think it was worthwhile to add to the page because of its obscurity and its size, but there it is if you want it. Sample capture to the right.
Here are two appearances from Brigitte Bardot in the 1970s, toward the end of her career. She is seen in the first clip with Anne Girardot in The Novices, and then in Don Juan, which was her final nude appearance - and a very good one! She was approaching 40, but still looked greatl.
Dayle Haddon had one of the oddest career paths you can imagine. She began as the co-star of a vapid Disney movie (The World's Greatest Athlete), but she didn't fit into the American system so well and migrated to make films in Europe, starting with arty second-tier stuff like City of Gambling, and edging ever closer to outright porn. Within three years after her Disney days she would be in a high camp softcore porn movie called Spermula. The flick is almost impossible to find these days, which is quite a shame since it's fun to watch, in a train wreck sort of way. It provides a rare combination of bad music, bad acting, bad fuckin', bad symbolism, ridiculous dialogue, Udo Kier, and a silly premise. Imagine if Barbarella or Galaxina had been made with a budget of zero, but with the services of a competent cinematographer. That's Spermula. To be honest, it's actually a funny movie, although I'm not sure how much of the humor is intentional. Does it really matter? This clip will give you a pretty good overview of the weird goings-on.

Some captures follow. The quality reflects the (presumed) video tape source.

(Note that Haddon is not really in much of the naughtiest action, but the editor cut the film to give the illusion that she's doing more than she is.)

After that she made another stylized softcore called Madame Claude, and was able to work her way back to Hollywood for a solid supporting role in North Dallas Forty. For whatever reason, she once again wandered back to Europe, although never again to flesh flicks. By 1991 she was broke and desperate and widowed, working at a low-level job in an ad agency, and barely keeping her feet in the movie biz by taking tiny roles whenever she could get them. ("Backstage well-wisher," "waiting room patient," etc.)

Her story has a happy ending. She knocked on a lot of doors with her idea to market anti-aging cosmetics to maturing baby boomers, and she finally hit the jackpot. She was hired as a spokeswoman for Estee Lauder, then was hired by L'Oreal to be a jet-setting spokesperson at gatherings around the world.

Diane Keaton in Something's Got to Give - in High Definition. Well, she looks good for an old geezer, I guess, and you have to give her credit for doing what was necessary to get the laugh.
Amanda Peet in the same movie. No flesh, but a sorta kinda see-through.
Maria Sharapova downblouse at Wimbledon. One thing about the cameramen in women's tennis - they understand the fan psychology!