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A zipped .avi of the notorious and oft-discussed Teri Hatcher balcony scene in Heaven's Prisoners. (Movie House Review)

Teri Hatcher zipped .avi

A zipped high-definition .avi of the Carrie-Anne Moss shower scene in Red Planet. (Movie House Review)

Carrie-Anne Moss zipped .avi

A zipped .avi of Diora Baird in Hot Tamale. ("A road trip to Los Angeles inadvertently leads a young man from Wyoming into a wild maze of psychotic hit-men, racy women, jewel thieves and a salsa band.") You saw her monstrous chest in the sex montage sequence of Wedding Crashers.

Diora Baird zipped .avi


Other Crap:

Daily Box Office for Friday, July 7, 2006

  • The Pirates left few timbers unshivered, with an extraordinary $55 million day. That is the highest one-day gross in the history of the human race.

The School of Rock re-cut into a psychological horror film:

A second trailer for Accepted, the comedy about the kid who founded his own college.

"PAT ROBERTSON SENT TO NORTH KOREA FOR MADMAN-TO-MADMAN TALKS ... Televangelist Selected From Shortlist of Bananaheads"

  • After the United States determined that madman-to-madman talks were their best chance for success, the State Department compiled a shortlist of bananaheads, including the Rev. Robertson, former presidential candidate Ralph Nader, and former Partridge Family drummer Danny Bonaduce.

Astrophysicists evaluate the physics of Superman

Whoa! You can't call her "Little" Kim anymore

The trailer for Volver, Almodovar's latest, starring Penelope Cruz

Matthew McConaughey - free spirit.

  • If scientists are right that marijuana can prolong life, Matthew is going to live forever.
  • We miss him here in Austin and, by God, this is where he belongs, drinkin' whiskey from the bottle, strippin' nekkid, smokin' some recreational substances, and playin' his bongos.


Movie Reviews:

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"Streets of Rage"

Streets of Rage (1994) was written by martial arts champion Mimi Lessios, who also starred as a decorated former US commando in prisoner rescue who is now trying to break in as a reporter for an LA paper. She is currently employed as a research assistant, but an old timer suggests that she find and write a story that is too good not to print, and thus earn the job she wants.

Ok, pay attention. She has been dating a loser reporter who cheats constantly and treats her badly. She decides to do a story on street kids, and befriends a precocious 12 year old runaway boy. The boy shows her a murdered underage hooker. She initially doesn't get along well with a handsome single cop who comes out to investigate. She meets a smooth talking Texas oilman with a bad cracker accent. She learns that the drug dealer and pimp responsible for every evil that has ever occurred anywhere has never been seen, but is rich and has a British accent. The cop is pursuing her, and so is the Texas oil man.

I am betting that setup will allow most of you to correctly guess the rest of the plot. It was certainly all I needed. So we have established that the plot is trite and predictable. Mimi Lessios shows buns and breasts getting into a shower and then through the frosted shower door. Hardly enough reason to watch a film. Further, in a sequence where she is being shot at, the squibs are horribly placed and look ridiculous. One of the supposed ricochets is off her shoulder which reigns sparks for several seconds.

On the other hand, Lessios is good at acting natural in front of the camera, and she comes off as being a rather confident but sweet person, which is not a bad thing in an actress. Where the film shines, if indeed it does, is in the martial arts sequences. I have seen a lot of fight choreography, and more than once I found myself saying, WOW, that was clever.

IMDb readers say 6.2, but IMDb has lowered it to 3.9 based on their double secret sauce. The proper score is around 5 or 6. It is in no way challenging, and is entirely predictable but with a few good action sequences and a fundamentally likable main star. I found it acceptable as brainless entertainment, and would buy another DVD with Mimi Lessios playing the same character. C-.

Mimi Lesseos


The Time machine stops off in 1987 for "Delirium" an Italian "Giallo".

This one stars Serena Grandi as a centerfold model who is stalked by a crazed killer. Serena is known as the Dolly Parton of Italy and these caps will show you why.

Serena Grandi


Tis but a trifle for today, but tis a mighty fine looking trifle at that. A few collages of the gal who calls herself Tracy Ryan or Tracy Smith in her B-movie incarnation, but was once a pornstar named Avalon. Here she is, often with Dahlia Gray, in Andrew Blake's Wet. The last collage, in B & W, shows Tracy/Avalon with a guy. He appears more curious than horny, and seems to be looking for something he lost...such as a contact lens. Or perhaps his house keys.

Tracy Ryan


From the are the ladies of "Investigating Sex" (2001).

Jacqueline Anderson

Emily Bruni

Julie Delpy

Robin Tunney