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Adele Perovic (aka Adele McDowell) film festiva. All comments by Johnny Moronic:



Fell is a drama where Thomas (Matt Nable) attempts to deal with the death of his daughter after she was hit by a truck driven by Luke (Daniel Henshall). Five years after his daughter's death, Thomas takes up a job with a logging company that hired Luke waiting for him to come back to his job after Luke finishes his jail term. Thomas has a motive of revenge, but when Luke comes back to his job, this time with a daughter of his own, Thomas attempts to come to grips with what he wants to do with Luke and finally coming to terms with the death of his daughter. Not a lot to this movie, it's more about mood and how the incident affects both Thomas and Luke, but also about Thomas finally being at peace with the death of his daughter. While the movie looks great, the extended ruminations from Thomas and his environment seem to go on and on and you really need a lot of patience for the admittedly small pay-off. And I gotta say I struggled...

The below video of Adele is her entire role in the movie and Jacqueline McKenzie has about the same amount of screen time, interesting that fairly known actresses are cast in these small roles.

Adele Perovic 1080p film clip (sample below)

Tears in the Cock


Speaking of Adele (who was also naked in The Code), found a short movie (well, 37 minutes is short) called Tears In The Cock (um, yeah, no explanation for the title although everything I can think of isn't pretty) where she also briefly appears and has another brief nude scene. The movie itself is even harder to explain than Fell, something about a possibly gay man wanting another man, bedding that man's girlfriend, while his best female friend is involved in some unhanded dealings that will end with a series of deaths and Adele (under the name of Adele McDowell, but it's definitely one and the same) pays the violent femme's sister who I think she kills although I'm not 100% on that. Then there's the extended musical numbers, fucked if I know what it's all about.

Adele Perovic film clip (sample below)

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