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There was some unexpected topless nudity on Family Tree (s1e8) from an actress named Olivia Chenery

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Aesthete's take on the nude scene of the year so far, as performed by curvy Rosario Dawson


Defoe's clips o' the week

Capucine Delaby in episode 10 of Odysseus in 1080hd

Amira Casar in Playoff (2011) in 1080hd

The women of Promenons Nous dans les Bois (2000) in 1080hd

Alexia Stresi

Clotilde Coureau

Maud Buquet


Love Sick Love


Johnny Moronic's comments:

Love Sick Love is a twisted Fatal Attraction-like thriller about Dori (Katia Winter), who has fallen head over heels for successful businessman Norman (Matthew Settle), but from the beginning there seems something off with the very clingy Dori. After enticing Norman to her family cabin for the weekend, the nightmare begins for Norman. Turns out Dori has two kids and they have unexpectedly joined them at the cabin along with her grandparents. Norman is having none of this, but he has no choice when Dori knocks him out and chains him up. And the kids and grandparents don't seem to mind either. The kids love having a daddy and the grandparents love seeing Dori happy after all the other men that have left her...

A not bad and strangely darkly humourous thriller where the family dynamic is something not far removed from the family in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (well, without the cannibals). Not wholly successful, but worth a look if you're interested in this type of movie. And it's always good to see M. Emmet Walsh still kicking around.

Sadly, the HD copy of the movie I have is very dark, which really effects the brief bush scene in the shorter film clip. I'll see if I can find a better copy, but the scene is extremely brief and dark anyway, so I doubt you'd see much in a better copy anyway.

Katia Winter film clips (collages below)

Film/TV clips

Chelsey Reist in 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded (2013) in 720p

Tamila Koulieva in Meteora (2012)

Serena Scott Thomas in The Brothel (2011)


Rei Okamoto in Fairy in a Cage (1977)

Naomi Tani, also in Fairy in a Cage