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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.









Dog Park


Kristin Lehman film clips (samples below).




Amar a Morir

(Mexico; 2009)

Johnny's comments:

"Amar A Morir is about a young turk who gets involved in a high speed car crash in which he kills his friend, so he runs away and finds a coastal town to lay low, but that is dashed when he spies a pretty girl and they fall in love, except she's the daughter of the local crime boss and you can guess the rest. Pretty stock standard love story, but the strangest thing about this film is that Craig McLachlan of Home and Away and Neighbours fame turns up as a surfer dude with his broad Australian accent and has quite a big role in the film. I couldn't believe my eyes ..."

Here are the film clips of Martina Garcia

The collages are below:




Noemie Lenoir

Penny Flame in Sorority Girls in 3D

Jassie in Sorority Girls in 3D

Eve Lawrence in Sorority Girls in 3D


Beverly Lynne in Sorority Girls in 3D

Angela Stone in Sorority Girls in 3D


Tiffany Taylor in Sorority Girls in 3D




Today's clip from The Wife in Apartment C again features Mara Kelle

Julianna Guill in Friday the 13th in 1080p

Anna Friel in The Street (sample below)

Katherine Heigl in The Killers (no nudity)

Amelia Heinle in Black Cat Run

Amelia Heinle in Liar's Poker

Marie Allan in Exterminating Angels

Kelly Monaco in Late Last Night

Catherine Jacob in Thelma, Louise, and Chantal