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Sex and Lucia


Part 1 of 2 - (a vast amount of nudity)

Spectacular quality (approx: 1920x820)

Today: Paz Vega (Scoop's note: see also Catch o' the Day for the latest Paz).

Pax Vega multiple film clips. Collages below.








Picasso Trigger


Today we wrap up the boobage from "Picasso Trigger".

Julie Strain kicks it off as she introduces the movie accompanied by Andy Sidaris. Caps and a clip.

Cynthia Brimhall takes off her top for a muscle bound dude. Caps and a clip.

Caps of Kym Malin in the shower.

Patty Duffek bares her boobs while splashing around the tub. Caps and a clip which also includes Kym Malin.







TV Land

Over in TV Land the former Miss California Carrie Prejean did a guest host shot on "Fox & Friends" before she got bounced. Caps and a HD clip,







Notes and collages

Who's Your Daddy


Carrie Stevens








Ihe Informers (Trailer)

I rarely if ever cap trailers, but the trailer for this flick had more good stuff than many movies.

Based on a book of short stories from 1994 by Bret Easton Ellis, the movie is set in Los Angeles in the early 1980's, during the period of sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll, and follows several characters in separate stories that intertwine around the main theme of debauchery. An all-star ensemble cast includes big names like Billy Bob Thornton, Kim Basinger, Winona Ryder, Mickey Rourke, and Amber Heard, who happily gets quite naked, at least in the trailer.

I haven't seen the movie, so have no opinion at this point, and I've also been disappointed in the past with movies that didn't come close to matching the expectations of the trailer, but if the movie is half as good as the trailer, it will be worthwhile. The other good news is it is being released on Blu-ray, so I expect we'll get some really decent caps. These caps, unfortunately, are SD DVD.

The Informers released to theaters in May and comes out on DVD in August.

Amber Heard







Suite Noir



French cinema nudity clips will continue tomorrow.











Some old Mena Suvari topless pics in better quality


Paige Allan in Always Say Goodbye

Katherine LaNasa in Always Say Goodbye

Marsha Jordan in Lady Godiva Rides

Mary Louise Parker - some more subtle but sexy nudity


Film Clips