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Die Nonne von Monza


This film is an accurate account of a case in 17th century Italy. The Spanish have occupied Italy. A Spanish tax collector is killed by a young Italian nobleman named Giampaolo Osio. A local priest arranges for him to hide in the convent of Monza, where the mother superior is also of noble birth. Two other nuns, who are sleeping with their priest and confessor, decide that the mother superior would be far less a threat if she got laid, so they smuggle Giampaolo Osio into her cell. He rapes her, but by the half way point, she is enjoying herself. The two begin a romance and she conceives a daughter. Eventually, the other nuns vote her out, and she is tried by the inquisition. Things do not end well for her or Giampaolo Osio.

Die Nonne von Monza (1969), aka The Lady of Monza and originally La Monaca di Monza is not what I expected. Whenever I see "nun" in a Spanish, Italian, German or Japanese title, I expect nunsploitation, with lots of nudity, lesbianism, torture, discipline and often satanic rituals. This film, on the other hand,  is more like a historical costumer than a nunsploitation film. The story is not without interest, however, and clearly points out that being an Italian Catholic in the early 17th century sucked, especially if you were a woman.

35 IMDb readers say 5.6.

This is one of the earliest nun films, and is extremely rare. The Region 2 German PAL claims to be one of 2,000 copies. It contains a German version of the film, and an "International" version, which is the same as the German version, but in English with German subtitles. The DVD also contains deleted scenes, and trailers from other nun films.  The transfer quality is not at all good. It is presented in a letterboxed version.

This is a C-, not for the quality of the film or the features, but for the poor condition of the DVD transfer.


The Awful Story of the Nun of Monza (1969)



Anne Heywood shows breasts as she is having thorns wrapped around her chest to chastise the flesh and end her lust.








Die Delta Die

OOPS ! These caps of Julie Strain should have been with yesterday's post from Delta Delta Die! But better late than never here's more of Julie from the special features on the DVD, these contain some full frontal nudity.



The Lost Angel


Alison Eastwood with some lovely breasts.


Andrea Runge is a dead "Babe in Bondage" who is stark naked strung up on a cross.







Notes and collages

"Lois and Clark"

Teri Hatcher is also a Bond girl. Ms. Hatcher was in the Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies."








Demain nous appartient

A boy falls in love with a girl in the summer, he gets ill and she moves back to her home town when the summer is over. He escapes the hospital to look for her and finds out she has a boyfriend, but he is not willing to lose her, even if he dies for not getting the proper medical treatment.


Stephanie Pasterkamp








 "Lois & Clark

Naturally, there is no nudity in this TV show from the mid 90s. However, there are a variety of interesting caps of Teri Hatcher in the second and third series.


Series 2 Episode 2 (Wall of Sound) - cleavage

Series 2 Episode 4 (The Prankster) - upskirt

Series 2 Episode 5 (Church of Metropolis) - cleavage

Series 2 Episode 15 (Return of the Prankster) - cleavage

Series 2 Episode 16 (Lucky Leon) - a lot of leg

Series 2 Episode 17 (Resurrection) - cleavage

Series 2 Episode 18 (Tempus Fugitive) - upskirt

Series 3 Episode 1 (We Have a Lot to Talk About) - pokies

Series 3 Episode 2 (Ordinary People) - upskirt

Series 3 Episode 17 (Seconds) - cleavage


Amelie Mauresmo


Wimbledon is just about over for this year but here are some caps of Amelie Mauresmo in her first round victory. The camera seemed to linger on her cleavage as she was packing up.



Cross My Heart


Annette O'Toole is very topless in Cross My Heart (1987).

(Film clips)



Trouble in Paradise


No nudity in Trouble in Paradise (1989) but Raquel Welch's cleavage was very much on show.





Again, no nudity but lots of leg and cleavage by Rachael Leigh Cook in 11:14 (2003).


Teen Wolf


Lorie Griffin is in her underwear in Teen Wolf (1985).




Stephanie Turner is a Britney Spears impersonator, when Britney was in her prime, and shows a bit of cleavage.

More cleavage from Jennifer Lopez.


Dark Blue World

(Film clip)


Some brief breast exposure by Tara Fitzgerald in the Czech/British movie Dark Blue World aka Tmavomodry svet (2001).




Malgorzata Foremniak shows pokies and is in her underwear in the Polish movie Avalon (2001).


Kissed By Winter

(Film clip)

There's some breast exposure by Annika Hallin in the Norwegian movie Kissed by Winter aka Vinterkyss (2005).


El Bonaerense


Mimi Ardu is topless in the Argentinean movie El Bonaerense (2002).




Elide Melli plays a prostitute and is completely naked in the Italian movie Viper aka Vipera (2001).




Teresa Hurtado de Ory is completely naked in the Spanish film Astronauts aka Astronautas (2003).






52 Pick-Up

Eighties hairdos and clichés don't stop this 1986 thriller, taken from an Elmore Leonard novel, from being a pretty good movie. Then of course, we have naked Vanity, naked Kelly Preston, and a lot of other nakeds, to seal the deal.

Roy Scheider plays a L.A. manufacturer who lives in style, and whose wife (Ann-Margret) is running for city council. Aside from everything else, he also has a young mistress (Kelly Preston) who is vulnerable to the fast and loose crowd she runs with.

Three blackmailers in hoods show up with a video tape, because the girl has set him up. He agrees to pay the hundred thousand they demand, but then he plays a game with them and doesn't pay. They respond by raising the stakes, at the expense of the girl.

At some point, the hunted becomes the hunter, and the ending is full of excitement and twists. Despite some lameness, this is a pretty good flick.


Kelly Preston Vanity Others






Isla Fisher would have had a nipple-slip here except that she had band-aids over her nipples, so it turned out to be the much-dreaded band-aid-slip.
LC's vid of Kate Ashfield in Talk To Me
LC's vid of Laura Fraser in Talk To Me
A few MONSTROUS collages of Mathilda May in Lifeforce (HD)