Kathrin Nicholson
1, 2, 3)
Excellent variety of celebs and 'caps from assorted episodes of "Red Shoe Diaries." Schmutz commented that in general, this is the most difficult stuff to capture - dark, blurry, foggy, fading, fast (or combinations of these) to create an erotic atmosphere and an artistic impression. Well, the hard work definitely paid off.
These 'caps from the episode "The Ex".
Lydie Denier Episode "Talk to me Baby"
Audie England Episode "Hotline"
Charlotte Lewis Episode "Midnight Bells"
Ely Pouget Episode "Weekend Pass"
Alexandra Tydings Episode "Burning Up"
Jennifer Leigh Burton Episode "Dime a Dance"
Follow up News
Thanks to everyone across the pond for their help identifying the new and controversial French film called "Baise-Moi". Which translates into either "Rape Me" or "Fuck Me".
This link tells the whole story, but in a nutshell it features hardcore sex and brutal violence. The story apparently is about a couple of hyper sexual women who go on a sex and killing spree. Sometimes both, sometimes just one or the other. From what I've read, there are a lot of people killed, and the sex is not only real, but basically shot like porno.
Alba Parietti
1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Adriana Volpe
1, 2)

Agatha Lys

Ana Alicia Ortiz

Ana Oxa

Ana Villa

Angela Griffin

Comments by Brainscan:
Today I offer a bunch of scans from European news and photo mags. The confluence of three trends produces a near-perfect situation: European women wander around in the buff whilst on the beach, or otherwise they wear revealing clothing, every third man in Europe is a dedicated member of the paparazzi and there are Avagadro's number of magazines that compete for these photos. Let us start with the A's and see where this goes.

So far as ID's go, all the images are of actresses except for Ana Oxa (a singer) and Ana Villa (a former Miss Italy). Ana Alicia Ortiz has shown up on American tv and Angela Griffin on the UK telly; the rest are obviously Italian.

Down Dude
Joan Chen Today, we continue our preparation for and celebration of the Olympic Games, with more pics of sexy athletes. (oh, and throw Joan in for good luck)
DeLisha Milton Hoops
Jen Holden Volleyball
Lokelani McMichael Triathlon
Lucia Rijker Boxing
Malia Jones Surfing...yes, really.
Mary Beth Larsen Pentathlon
Sheila Hudson Triple Jump
Tamara Jenkins Kayaking
Mary Louise Parker
1, 2)
Vidcaps from "Let the Devil Wear Black"
Comments by C2000:
Some caps from recent British releases. The stuff from "8 1/2 Women" is not the best but I haven't seen any caps around. "Greenwich Mean Time" is a recent British release. Melanie Gutteridge and Georgia Mackenzie are increasingly appearing on TV over here. (UK)
Melanie Gutteridge
1, 2)
From "Greenwich Mean Time"
Georgia Mackenzie Also from "Greenwich Mean Time". Sorry, no nudity in this one.
Polly Walker Full frontal 'caps from "8 1/2 Women".
Toni Collette More full frontal nudity from "8 1/2 Women".
Natacha Amall Topless only from "8 1/2 Women".
and ...
Meredith Salenger
1, 2)
From "Dream a Little Dream". Vidcaps and comments by Akira:
Always a favorite! It will be a great day when this movie is released on DVD! But it has both Coreys in it, so I wouldn't hold my breath.
Danielle Brett Vidcaps by Dann from "Jill the Ripper", staring one of my B-movie heroes...Dolph Lundgren! The IMDb write up makes this sound like a B version of "8MM".
Roberta Angelica One more by Dann from "Jill the Ripper". I'm actually kind of surprised that the title had not been used before. It seems like such an obvious choice for a 'psycho-chick slasher movie'.
Rachel Hunter Topless 'caps from "Two Shades of Blue", by Donbun.
Sabine Postel Topless 'caps from the German TV series "Nicht von schlechten Eltern", by FR.
Eve Peyrieux Vidcaps from "Les Vacances de l'amour". Mostly bikini pics, but some topless 'caps too.
Lisa Marie Newmyer Guess I missed this one yesterday...for the collectors, it belongs in your "House on Todville Road" file.

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"Two Shades of Blue" (2000)

I don't think this movie ever had a theatrical release, but I'm not sure where it came from. I think it made the rounds at a couple of film festivals ... did it end up as a straight-to-vid? The haunting tagline "starring Eric Roberts", is certainly a good indication of that.

A woman (Rachel Hunter) is framed for the murder of her own betrothed, a slimy wheeler-dealer. She saw the actual murderer, but she can't convince anyone. She decides to change her identity. Since the D.A. is a deaf woman (Marlee Matlin), the accused takes a job at one of those computer relay centers where speaking people and deaf people can communicate on the telephone with a moderator. (The hearing-impaired person uses a modem, types and reads typing. The speaking person speaks and hears speech, although he is actually speaking to the interlocutor, who reads the typing.)

Say, what are the chances that the new woman at the relay center would get to monitor the exact phone calls she wants to keep an eye on? Hell, what are the chances they would hire her immediately for such sensitive work, with no experience in jobs requiring similar confidentiality, no references, and a phony social security number? The details are completely implausible.

At any rate, the relay center is somehow involved in the crime, because the dead fiancee had a relayed message on his computer when he died. I'm still not sure why or how, but let's give the writer the benefit of the doubt. It had something to do with the DA's boyfriend, who must use the relay center for more than just talking to the deaf DA.

Soon Hunter realizes that the D.A.'s boyfriend (Eric Roberts), whom she speaks to every day in the interlocutor role, is related somehow to the murder of her own boyfriend (Gary Busey). So she does what most women would do in the situation, she sleeps with him. Pretty logical, right? He takes a phone call right after they form the two-backed beast, and she notices a cigarette lighter that was used by her boyfriend's masked killer, so she knows Roberts must be the actual killer, and she runs out of his place.

That's when things get really complicated, more people die, and the police think she killed them all. It turns out some of them aren't even dead, but Eric Roberts then kills a few more to make up for it. Finally, in a massive shoot-out, bad guys and police kill each other, double-cross each other, come back to life, yadda, yadda, yadda.

OK, let's be honest. This movie sucks pudding through a garden hose. It's even embarrassing by Eric Roberts' standards, but the cloud has some silver linings. Rachel Hunter shows us her chest, and she's one of the world's great beauties. Marlee Matlin shows us her chest, and she hasn't shown all that much flesh in her career. So it's a happy ending for nudity lovers, even if movie lovers may be a little discouraged.

Avoid the DVD and rent the video. As mentioned earlier, the only reason to watch the movie is the nudity, and there is far more in the video. The DVD is matted on the top and bottom, and they have cut off Matlin's nipples comletely, and also reduced the angles from which Hunter's are visible.

Marlee Matlin Rachel Hunter (1, 2)

Sidebar. The IMDb says Matlin was born in August of 1965, which makes her only 34, and which made her only 20 during the filming of "Children of a Lesser God". She was 21 when she picked up her "best actress" Oscar, becoming the youngest woman ever to be honored as Best Actress, and only the fourth woman ever to win in her screen debut. Find her home page at Here is some additional Matlin flesh, from her other two movies with face and breasts visible together. (She also did a headless underwater shot in "Children ...")

Matlin in "Hear no Evil" Matlin in "In Her Defense" (1, 2)

"Loss of Sexual Innocence" from Tuna

Did Figgis let Leaving Las Vegas go to his head or dictate his future? Not even close. Loss of Sexual Innocence is one of the most "arty' art films I ever saw. Although lack of backing hindered him here and there, he created the film he wanted to create. Whether you like or dislike the results, you have to admire him for trying.

This quirky film has nearly no dialogue, and 4 or 5 plots that are loosely woven together, including the story of Adam and Eve falling from grace. This piece is about imagery and music, and leaves much latitude for the viewer to gain a personal understanding. The reviews range from "piece of crap" to brilliant, with a lot of people feeling more like me. It has a few wonderful moments and some stunning imagery, but is certainly not an engrossing story. The Adam and Eve element has received a lot of criticism as not being necessary. For me, without this plethora of nudity, I probably would not have watched more than 10 minutes.

As an example of the imagery, there is one scene where Figgis turned a camera up-side down, and photographed the reflection of woods in a lake. This image is disorienting at first, which is the effect he wanted, and is an amazing piece of camera work. The DVD quality is very good and includes a feature lenght commentary by Figgis.

Thumbnails More Thumbnails

Hanne Klintoe (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30) Johanna Torell (1, 2, 3, 4) Rachel Boss (1, 2, 3, 4) Saffron Burrows (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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