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Today. Commentary by The Realist
Jimmy the Saint
  • The dead Denverite probably had the story of the day right here. Geena Davis topless in the London Tabloids. They are barely identifiable, but the story is legit. The tabloids claim it is really Geena.
  • Geena
  • Geena
  • Barry Lyndon
  • A movie of spectacular and tranquil beauty, in both sight and sound. I suppose this is kind of a forgotten movie, lost among Kubrick's greater triumphs, but it is very impressive. Thackeray writes with a sardonic and often ironic tone that can't be easy to transfer to another medium, but Kubrick is Kubrick. I suppose he just kept at it until he felt it was exactly right. The filtering techniques were supposed to be a great innovation for their time. I read on the DVD box that they shot this entire movie in natural light, which makes these scenes doubly impressive, especially the indoor shots. The music seems to be perfect for every scene. It's a slow movie, and three hours long, but it was interesting enough that I never stopped the movie to do any caps. I watched it through, and did the caps afterward. Barry Lyndon was a common-born Irishman who worked his way into a position in refined society, through a combination of blind ambition, lying, cheating, swordplay, genuine bravery, and enough charm to seduce a very beautiful and wealthy woman. Marisa Berenson, seen here, played Lady Lyndon
  • Here is Ryan O'Neal, the star, with two women of questionable repute. Come to think of it, there was no question at all. They were sluts.
  • One more of O'Neal with the two strumpets
  • Helcrom does Varsity Blues
  • here is yet another set of caps from the MTV-produced Varsity Blues. Helcrom did an excellent job on these. Here is Tonie Perensky as the Sex Education teacher who moonlights as a stripper. While she strips, her "hook" is that she pretends to be a Sex Education teacher. This acts as an excellent cover, and nobody in the town of 83 people ever suspects that the sex education teacher with a stripper's body and the stripper pretending to be a sex education teacher are the same woman, despite the fact that she drives a DiTomaso Pantera on a teacher's salary. While she teaches, she wears classes, the same successful technique that hid Clark Kent's identity for so many years.
  • one more of Tonie Perensky
  • here's Ali Larter in the whipped cream bikini
  • one more of Larter in the cream, with additional shots in a cheerleader's outfit. This movie takes place in small town Texas, my own stomping ground, and deals with football obsession, teen angst, and wanting to get the hell out of small-town Texas. It sure didn't seem very real to me, even though the characters are kinda supposed to be me and my friends.
  • Crow acts Indiscreet
  • This is sweet. Gloria Reuben in Indiscreet. She's naked. She's at the beach.
  • she makes it into the surf
  • a fully dressed man appears from the surf and carries her off. I don't know how this really happened, but that's what it looks like
  • they oil up and make hot monkey love to the throbbing drumbeat. Maybe I just imagined the drums.
  • an enlargement of Gloria on the sand
  • an enlargement of the rear view. She has a really nice bootie.
  • an enlargement of Gloria from behind, in the surf
  • an enlargement of Gloria in the guy's arms
  • The last of Crow's Francine pictures
  • Francine
  • Francine
  • Francine
  • More
  • Helen Shaver, "In Praise of Older Women", from Graphic Response
  • Karen Black, "In Praise of Older Women", from Graphic Response
  • Susan Uplegger in SK Babies, from Slartibartfast.
  • another beautiful frontal of Esther Arroyo, from Piolin
  • a rear view of Esther Arroyo this time
  • from Rookie: Lysette Anthony in "Tales from the Crypt"
  • more of Lysette Anthony in "Tales from the Crypt"