TV Recap

While there was no real nudity in Ray Donovan last week, Mrs Ray (Paula Malcomson) looks around an adult magazine store and sees the breasts of Natasha Nice.

There was a very brief look at Esther Stephens' butt in last week's Westside, a Kiwi drama

We've seen Laura Gomez in s4e9 of Orange is the New Black, but not in 2160 UHD. I have an older computer and I can't get the 2160 HD clips to play on VLC, but they will play in Media Player Classic, a no-frills player than consumes little processing power. If you can get them to work they are damned impressive.

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"Red Oaks"

s1e8; 1920x1080

Alexandra Turshen

Maria Aparo


Trophy Heads


Irena Murphy

TV/Film clips

Jessica Sipos in Slasher (s1e4) in 720p

Sarah Paterson in Bring Us Your Women (2015) in 720p

Vera Farmiga in Running Scared (2006) in 720p


Jennifer Aniston - no clothing can contain her

Eva Mendes topless in 2008

Recent Emma Watson - slight areola??