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Olivia Chenery and Nicole O'Neill again got kinda-sorta nekkid (some flesh plus lots of prosthetics) as the Nightcomers on Penny Dreadful. This was the season two finale.



The main credited topless performer on Sunday's Ballers was Taylor Rhodenbaugh (see the HD clip in yesterday's edition).


The topless swimmer on Sunday's True Detective was Weronika Rosati (see the HD clip in yesterday's edition).


Carla Gugino was almost topless in episode three of The Brink

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"NYPD Blue"

Continuing with the classic series



Sheeri Rappaport

She's Lost Control


She's Lost Control is a drama where Masters student Ronah (Brooke Bloom) is working under a psychiatrist (Dennis Boutsikaris) as a part of her Master thesis as a sexual surrogate. In this job, she works with clients that are having issues with intimacy and is helping work through those problems with the client. Ronah starts with a new client, Johnny (Marc Menchaca) who has severe intimacy problems. In her personal life, she has to deal with a leaky shower and is in the process of saving her ovum for later pregnancy. Johnny is a tough client, but Ronah is making ground with him, so much so, that they start having sex. But Johnny still cannot break fully away from his issues, even when major gains have been made. This is going to end badly for both.

To be honest, I struggled trying to get my head around the idea of a sexual surrogate and how is this not a prostitute? And how is their not ethical issues with psychiatrists and what are the boundaries? I dunno, maybe it's an interesting idea, but I kept thinking that this is surely going to end in violence as frustration with dealing with intimacy is inevitable and unsurprisingly this is what happens. It just seems like an idea with way too many issues to work. Brooke Bloom is actually pretty good in the lead, but otherwise, I can't really recommend this movie at all, not because it's bad movie (it's not a great movie either as it meanders a lot and some ideas are only briefly fleshed out), but because I just have major issues with the central conceit.

Brooke Bloom 1080p film clip (collages below)

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Tehmina Sunny in The Lovers (2015) in 720p

Virginie Legeay and Anne Berry in La fille de nulle part (2012)

Kari Wuhrer in Do it for Uncle Manny (2002) in 720p


Kelly Monaco on the beach in Malibu (she was a Playmate way back in 1997)

Nikki Hilton wardrobe malfunction