The full frontal image of Rosario Dawson you ran the other day raised the question of what other major actresses have appeared fully frontal and also fully shaven. The only other one I can think of is Toni Collette in 8 ½ Women back in 1999 long before bald became so ubiquitous (at least off screen).

In fact, on screen there is much more news of producers and actresses having to employ merkins (see Gina Gershon and Sienna Miller, to name two) ostensibly because they’re incapable of growing a full bush for period pieces, even if they wanted to.

Am I missing other examples of the full, full monty?

Thanks so much, and keep up the good work.



"Regarding today's mailbox Sook-Yin Lee is a well-known Canadian actress who sported disco bush and a shaved clam.


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Ken Park


Yesterday and today: Aesthete's upsize of Ken Park to 1920x1080

Today: Tiffany Limos

 (Yesterday: Maeve Quinlan.)


Cover Girl Models


Tara Strohemeier


"Saving Hope"

episode: "Little Piggies" (s2e02)
Didn't take Erica Druance long to take off her medical smock and show us her bra


 episode: "Past Is Prologue" (s1e12)

Stephanie Leonidas: sort of nude sex scene.

Mia Kirshner: bra and panties after servicing Jaime Murray.


Ms. Thing

(2010 lesbian short)

Melanie Bray: bra and panties.

"Paranormal Witness"

episode: "The Apartment" (s2e06)

This episode is based on an unsolved torture/sex murder committed by the same deviant couple Cameron and Jan Hooker featured in the "Dangerous Persuasions" episode, "Seven year Sex Slave" (aka "The Girl in the Box").

unknown: uncredited actress sort of nude tied up Hankster-style.


(2010 TV movie)

This miniseries adaption based on a series of novels appears to be a pilot for an unsold cable series.

Laura Vandervoort: pokies in shear nightgown.

Romina D'Ugo: very nice cleavage.

Chiara Zanni: sexy.


 (2003 TV movie)

Unlike the miniseries, this television movie adaption is more true to the novels and everyone starts out nekkid in this beginning.

various: full nude but everyone is wearing nudity patches so it's mainly bare butt.

Karen Holness: sexy.

Emily Lloyd: partial boob in hottub.

Ill Manors


UK gangsta-rap movie recently released to DVD.

Anouska Mond: bra and panties, possible bare crotch in sex scene.

Eloise Smyth: very sexy.

Clara Castaneda: sexy but dead.

Georgia Farthing: sexy in very tight track suit.

In the news...

Amanda Korody: Canadian terrorist arrested last holiday weekend in a Canada Day bombing plot forgot to take her boudoir photos off the internet.

Last but not least...

Jennifer Krukowski: nude in modeling photo.

Film/TV clips

Kerri Kenney, Jennifer Aniston and Malin Akerman in a scene deleted from Wanderlust (2012) in 1080p

Sofie Norman in Night of the Templar (2012) in 1080p

Tuppence Middleton in Cleanskin (2012) in 1080p

Audrey Marnay and Barbara Cabrita in Le temps du silence (2011)



Marion Kuhnt in Karger (2007)

Helena Bergstrom in Sprangaren (2001)

Belinda McClory in Redball (1999)