This week's Weeds: male nudity only


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  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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The Tin Drum


Prestige cinema. Acclaimed Volker Schloendorff film from an even more acclaimed novel by Guenter Grass.

Angela Winkler film clip. Collages below.

Katharina Thalbach film clip. Collages below.









Picasso Trigger


Today the Time Machine goes back to the eighties for an Andy Sidaris flick, and being a Sidaris flick, it's all about boobs.

Hope Marie Carlton shows off some nice T & A in the pool.


Dona Speir stars and shows off her body in the shower and in the sack.


Here are all the film clips to match the above.

More tomorrow.






TV Land

Over in TV Land we have "Today's" Amy Robach putting on another leg show. Caps and an HD clip.







Notes and collages

Savage Streets


Linda Blair

Suzee Slater

Rebecca Perle









Intimate Obsession


Multi-part presentation:

Monique Parent alone, part 4 (Sample below)










Mesrine was kind of the French Dillinger. Many aspects of their stories are similar. Mesrine went on a crime spree, robbed banks and other establishments, became public enemy #1, broke out of a jail that was thought to be escape-proof, was the object of long manhunt, was finally taken out in what was called a "police assassination."

This film was released in two parts: Death Instinct and Public Enemy #1.



French cinema nudity clips will continue through the week.











Mena Suvari hits the beach.


Heidi Klum in Russian GQ

Rihanna in public, nearly topless

Catherine Bach in Crazed

Karen Gobermann in Brotherhood, s2e3

Pam Grier in Coffy

Sarah Jones in Big Love, s1e10


Film Clips

Claire Forlani in Into My Heart. The bad news: not much nudity. The good news: very high quality and, hey, it's Claire Forlani.

Patsy Kensit in Twenty-One. I've never seen this clip before. This movie was made 18 years ago, and Patsy looks young.

Simonetta Stefanelli in Peccata in Famiglia. She played Michael Corleone's first wife in The Godfather.


Holly Weber in The Devil's Tomb. (sample right)
Nastassia Kinski in Passion Flower Hotel. (sample right)
Bronagh Taggart in Occupation. (sample right)
Charlotte Riley in The Take. (sample right)