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Hard Time


Hard Time (1996) is an erotic crime caper film.

John Bradley and two friends steal a very expensive jewel collection. He returns to his wife (Meilani Paul) only to be arrested. The jewels are stashed in a safety deposit box, and he has one of the two keys. Unfortunately, he is serving a ten year prison sentence. He imagines that he was set up by one of his partners, and takes the fact that Meilani has stopped visiting to mean that she and the old partner are doing the nasty.

His cellmate warns that he needs to create an alternate reality in his head to survive prison, but he chooses instead to escape, with the help of one of his partners. As he is driving away from the prison, he picks up a hitchhiker, Devin DeVasquez, who shares the ride to LA, and eventually his bed. Unfortunately, she was the main squeeze of the nastiest prison guard of the bunch, fled him, and he is chasing her. The same guard was also John Bradley's main nemesis on the inside. Bradley stops off to thank the partner who helped him escape, and is treated to a lap dance by the partner's girlfriend (Jacqueline Lovell).

Finally in LA, with the help of a friend, he locates his wife and arranges to get all of the jewels and get even with those who set him up. Then there is the ending, which I will not reveal.

The story here is relatively strong for a soft core, but the nudity and simulated sex are substandard, If you are a fan of any of the actresses, you won't be that pleased with their level of exposure, but if you want to see them trying to act in dialogue-heavy dramatic roles, this is worth watching. Devin DeVasquez actually did show some dramatic range.


This is only available from in a dual region Widescreen version in English with Spanish subtitles. Click on the image below for info.

Hard Time (1996)

There are not enough IMDb votes to give this rarely-seen film a statistically meaningful score.

Meilani Paul shows breasts, buns and a bush close-up. Devin DeVasquez shows breasts and buns, and Jacqueline Lovell shows everything.



Meilani Paul


Devin Devasquez


Jacqueline Lovell








Die Delta Die

Today another kind of horror movie which has boobs galore.


This one is a vehicle for Julie Strain as she flaunts her robo-hooters all over the place and in a switch has the "Guys in Bondage."

Katie Adams plays Julie's character Marilyn Fitch at a young age, skin by the pool.

Rachel Myers & Tiffany Shepis get together for some nice cleavage.

Then Rachel Myers shows of her tits while losing at strip poker.

Not to be undone Tiffany Shepis puts on a show for the boys and flashes her boobs.







Notes and collages

Heaven's Prisoners

Teri Hatcher is also a Bond girl. Ms. Hatcher was in the Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies."

I have personally collected many collages from different artists regarding "Heaven's Prisoners" so I stared of my caps (probably longer than healthy) to find a new way to present the same images you all have seen before. I hope you like what I am herein offering.

By the way, don't rent the film and don't watch it if someone loans it to you. Life is short.








The Accused

Sarah Tobias (Jodie Foster) is a young woman who flees a bar.  Taken to a hospital, she reports a rape having occurred and is put through the routine hospital examination.  The perpetrators are arrested.  Her lawyer, Kathryn Murphy (Kelly McGillis), has little regard for Foster and soon accepts a standard plea bargain deal for the rapists.  Upon finding this out, Foster feels betrayed and lets McGillis know that she wanted more. Kathryn gradually begins to have a crisis of conscience about her prior actions, not helped when she learns of Sarah's repeated problems. 

Realizing that she may have betrayed her client's trust, Kathryn subsequently intends to prosecute those men who had cheered and clapped and urged on the rape as a form of criminal solicitation. Her bosses are skeptical that such a case can succeed, but Kathryn is determined to see it through.  However, Kathryn fears that Sarah's background may make her a problem witness in any trial.  One potential witness, a young man who had observed the rape, is torn about his stance, on the one hand loyal to his friend, plea-bargained to a lesser charge and in jail, and on the other wholly outraged at what his friend had proven himself capable of doing. Kathryn knows that this young man will be a key witness.  Indeed, when the trial begins, it seems that the testimony of this one male witness may determine the verdict.


Jodie Foster








A young Emmanuel Beart in Door on the Left (film clip) - sample to right
A VERY young Emmanuel Seigner in Detective, (film clip) - sample to right
Christina DeRosa in Entourage, s4e2, (film clip by LC) - sample to right
Rachel Avery in Big Love, s2e3, (film clip by LC) - sample to right
Judith Godreche in Paris s'Eveille (film clip) - sample to right
Catherine Bell's famous Hot Line appearance in a full screen DVD (film clio only)
Kalin See in Decoys 2
Alicia Loren in The Sopranos
Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan
The Hulkster and Lizzie_Grubman
I never would have predicted that Claire Danes would turn out to be so elegant. Especially after Mod Squad.