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"Hidden Agenda"

Hidden Agenda (2001) is a very confusing super agent story starring Dolph Lundgren as a freelance agent, and ex FBI and NSA expert on helping people disappear. The story includes a mob, the FBI, the NSA, and everybody has a hidden agenda and double-crosses everyone else. Lundgren's love interest is Maxim Roy, who we see in a bra undressing, then with a pokey. Her body double shows breasts in a sex scene that is shot through a red filter. I am not sure if the sex scene was supposed to be real or imagined. I had a real problem keeping up with this film, and can't tell you if there were logic errors or not, because it was nearly impossible to tell who was working with whom. IMDB readers say 5.1 of 10. As near as I can tell, it had no theatrical release, and went directly to vid this February. For me, this was a total waste of time. D.

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    "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden"

    I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (1977) is a Roger Corman release, but not one of his typical exploitation efforts. It was made on very low budget, but is a serious look at a teenage girls hospitalization and treatment for extreme schizophrenia. The girl, played by a very young Kathleen Quinlan, attempted suicide, and was deeply disturbed. She had her own internal world, and did everything the people in this world commanded. They even had their own language. Her shrink, Bibi Andersson, showed all the patience in the world with her, and the film ends on a hopeful note. Quinlan was superb, and was nominated for an Golden Globe for this performance. It also received an Oscar nomination for best screenplay.

    Two things made this film excellent. The first was that we saw the world through her eyes, and got a real feeling for what her condition would be like. Second, the support cast of mainly older women who played mental patients on her ward were superb. As someone who has visited wards in mental hospitals, I can say that they had things right on the money. Quinlan shows her breasts when an attendant changes her hospital gown after some kind of sweat therapy. IMDB readers say 6.4 of 10. The transfer is abysmal, but might be the best possible for this film. There is a lengthy interview with Quinlan on the DVD. I can't say that it is a pleasant watch, and if you don't like the genre, you won't like this one, but it is a very well made mental disorder film. C+.

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    "Just One of the Girls"

    Just One of the Girls (1992) is a Canadian comedy that IMDB has with a different title, Anything for Love. Corey Haim wants to transfer to a special magnet music program at a different High School, which has an annual concert attended by the record industry. Just one problem with his transfer. He has managed to piss off Kurt, the school bully. To solve his problem, he decides to go in drag with the help of his sister. He immediately falls in love with Marie (Nicole Eggert) and become her best girlfriend. Unfortunately, Kurt is her brother, and takes a real liking to Haim. The gym teacher notices that Heim is way too interested in girls, and suspects he is a lesbian. When she finds out he is a he, he has to convince her that cross-dressing is a compulsion with him.

    The exposure comes from a locker room shower scene. Heim is assigned to mop the floors, and sees all of the "other girls" in the locker room. Two of them have lines and are credited, Lisha Snelgrove and Stacey Green, both of whom have extended full frontals. At least two other girls show all, and there are several group shots as well. IMDB readers have this at 5.5 of 10. I found it more amusing than I expected. Unfortunately, the bargain 4/3 ratio DVD is out of print, and you will have to look for it at eBay. This teen comedy had enough funny moments to entertain me, so the proper score is C+

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Shallow Hal is a departure from the Farrelly Brothers formula of wacky, gross humor. This time they have grafted on a sentimental romantic comedy with lovable children. As a naked celebrity webmaster, a guy who spends every day of his life judging people by their external appearances, I have to say that I didn't find Hal all that shallow. Of course, I think Anna Nicole Smith is a heavy dude ... er, dudess ... er, whatever. Come to think of it, she is pretty heavy - maybe 180-190. Reviews were mixed stateside - pegging it at about 2.5 stars on the average. The Brit Crits hated it.

    • Gwyneth Paltrow. She seems to be in every movie that I see. In addition to all of her talent, she has beautiful legs and a magnificent rear end. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


    There is a  new Naked Encyclopedia volume for Monique Parent, who has really gotten naked a lot. I mean a lot.

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    Our Top Story!
    The first DVD 'caps of Selma Blair nude in "Storytelling" (2001). Better versions of some previously seen bootlegs, plus new images we've never seen before.

    Link #1, Selma bent over and gettin' it from behind.
    Links 2 and 3 topless and rear views
    Links 4-8 clear breast exposure.

    Monique Gabrielle The 80's B-movie babe and former Pet goes topless in scenes from "Angel Eyes" (1993).

    Susan Pari
    (1, 2)

    Topless in scenes from the dull "thriller", "Exposure" (2000). When Scoop reviewed this he gave it an E..."So poor it is irritating, but not really bad enough to be good". I reviewed it back in the March, 6 update and was a little nicer to it...I must have been medicated that day.

    Vicki Vickers Very nice robo-hooters in a scene from "Angel Eyes" (1993).

    Scorpion's Skinemax
    Gabriella Hall Breasts and bum in scenes from the late night cable series, "Lady Chatterley's Stories", episode: "Fantasy".

    Kari Wuhrer Breast exposure, a brief far off frontal view, and a few 'caps of her in her undies from "Sensation" (1994), co-starring Eric Roberts.

    Kate Rodger Topless scenes and an excellent thong view from "Women: Stories of Passion" in the episode: "Wishful Thinking".

    Lisa Throw Topless, a bit of bum cleavage and some good old fashioned late night pseudo sex. Scenes from the Skinemax series "Kama Sutra".

    Maria Ford According to the IMDb, these 'caps are from the B-movie superstar's very first movie. Here she is showing breasts, bush, and thong views in 1985's "Le Déclic" aka "The Turn-On".

    Regina Russell Plenty of sport-humpin' in scenes from an episode of the late night cable series "Kama Sutra".

    Shauna O'Brien Shauna shows off her mammoth mammaries in scenes from a "Lady Chatterley's Stories" episode.

    Dominique Swain Great images of the young actress with pokies and a see-thru nipple sighting!

    Mini Anden Topless scan of the model.

    Mamie Van Doren
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Kinda creepy, but true. The 50's and 60's actress and pin up babe is topless at age 70 in scenes from the very week teen comedy "Slackers". I hope Jason Schwartzman ("Rushmore") was paid extra for what we see in link #2.

    Jennifer Hetrick
    (1, 2)

    Topless in scenes from an early Troma release, "Squeeze Play" (1980).