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The Handmaid's Tale


Yvonne Strahovski bared a breast to feed a baby, but there are prosthetics involved. (I assume)


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s3e3, 1920x1080

Joanna Going

The Grand Budapest Hotel


The Grand Budapest Hotel has an unidentified mature woman topless.

Prickly Problems

Brainscan's notes:

I have created some unusual stuff, all of which comes from European sex comedies from the 70s and early 80s.  It seems a survival tactic used by studios in the U.K., Germany and Italy from 1968 to somewhere near 1983 was to churn out low budget movies that had some patina of humor around one nude scene after another.  The Germans made nine movies with the title, Schoolgirl Report, which meant less humor and more skin, and the English had about 111 movies starring Robin Askwith, all of which began with The Confessions Of or ended with On Board.  But the Italians were the masters here, with a rotating cast of beautiful gals, some of whom were Miss Italy in one or another beauty contest.  And the humor always - I do mean always - involved a fat, balding, inept schlub who found himself in the presence of a naked goddess.  Gotta figure these things cost about 100,000 lire to make and grossed no more than 5 times that much.  Still, each is the kind of movie that we readers of the Funhouse cannot ignore and cannot resist. 

Corinne O'Brien


Keira Knightley in The Dutchess