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Frivolous Lola



This massive project will again encompass several days. All the still captures can be found in the edition for Saturday, July 5:
Today: two film clips of Anna Ammirati




Melissa Stephens


"Under the Dome"

episode: "Heads Will Roll" (s2e01)

Rachelle Lefevre: cleavage in wet blouse rescuing Grace Victoria Cox, whose wet blouse isn’t very clingy either.

Laying Down Arms

(2005 short)

This stars Azura Skye of "Working the Engles" tv series which finally begins airing in the United States on July 10.

Azura Skye: mostly in her panties.

Louis Cyr


Recent Quebec release whose full title is "Louis Cyr: l'homme le plus fort du monde" aka "Louis Cyr: The Strongest Man in the World."

Rose-Maite Erkoreka: fully clothed sex.

Cadavre exquis première édition

(2006; aka "Exquisite Corpse")

"Exquisite Corpse" is a literary technique used by surrealists where several writers write part of the story in tandem.

Jacinthe Pilote: sexy as les dominatrix.

Kid Cannabis


Recent DVD release about smuggling pot across the US/Canadian border.

Karyn Halpin: boobs and buns as stripper but, based on her large pasty white ass and slight muffin top, she's not a professional dancer.

Jasmine Mooney: full nude with bald cooter.

Merritt Patterson: bare ass having sex.

Kayla Wilson: boobs and butt.

Julia Benson: showing off her cleavage. She has the best line as the good-cop/bitch-cop: "Take a good look at my tits boys. If you don't co-operate, they're the last pair you'll ever going to see."

Christina Cox: very sexy MILF.

Amanda Tapping: sexy as mother.

Marz Lovejoy: US hip-hop singer sexy as waitress.

strippers: topless.

waitress: cleavage and buns.

bikini: they're dozen of bikini girls but the only topless one has the smallest tits and the ugliest tats with nipple piercings.

personal trainer: unknown shows cleavage while Tamara Hambly (blonde) is sexy.


Kayla Wilson: this is from her twitter feed @kaylawilly but looks like her getting makeup for her part in Kid Cannabis.

Kayla Wilson: modeling pics.

Karyn Halpin: cleavage in the 2010 short Penitence

Karyn Halpin: in X-Men Mystique bodypaint costume.

Marz Lovejoy: sexy.

Tamara Hambly: bikini in The Frank & Judy Show (2006)

Tamara Hambly: bikini fitness contestant.

In the Corner

(2012; trailer)

Amelia Scott: nipple slip.

Kayla Wilson: sort of sexy.

Final View

(2012 short)

Kate Corbett: panties upskirt of her straddling coffin via corpse-eye-view.


Kate Corbett: pokies in the trailer for the upcoming short Dennis.

Dead Flowers

(2010 short)

Kathleen Edwards: stacked Canadian singer showing some sideboob and later in the shower showing her nude tummy between her Equator and Tropic of Capricorn.


Kathleen Edwards: showing a lot of cleavage at the 2013 Juno Awards (the hoser version of the Grammys).

Long Branch

(2011 short)

Jenny Raven: brassiere humping Alex House (Todd and the Book of Pure Evil).


(2010 short)

Penis captivus is the rare medical phenomena where a man gets stuck inside when the women's cooter clamps down during sexual intercourse.

Amy Rutherford: brassiere having sex.

Lina Giornofelice: lesbian kiss with Amy.


Amy Rutherford: again having sex in a bra in the 2013 short The Scan.

Your Place or Mine

(2012 short)

Alex Paxton-Beesley: bra and panties having sex.


(2013 short)

Kathleen Pollard: brassiere as hooker.



For a student film this is quite randy.

Chantel Quibell: cleavage in bra and panties.


Chantel Quibell:  arms-over-boobs in modelling pic.



Recent DVD release.

Shannon Jardine: very nice cleavage in pushup bra as hooker.


Shannon Jardine: sexy as dominatrix in trailer for the upcoming short "The Dark Somnambulist."


(2012 short; trailer)

Dani Kind: bra and panties.


Dani Kind: sideboob in DVD upgrade of the LA Complex episode (s1e03).


(2011 short; trailer)

Anna Cieslak: Polish actress is topless.

Prey for the Beast


Low budget horror from a group of Ottawa filmmakers. My main complaint with this movie is the beach scene camera footage is very overexposed as can be seen by comparing with the stills gallery. That and there’s no nudity.

Amanda Leigh: bikini.

Anastasia Kimmett: panties taking a whizz.

Amanda Leigh & Anastasia Kimmett: light lesbian action.

Lisa Aitken: bikini top.

Sonia Myers: pokies.

Taralee Gerhard: boob almost falling out of her lingerie while having sex.

Thea Nikolic: sexy.


Anastasia Kimmett: brassiere in the 2007 remake "Kingdom of the Vampire".

Pirates: Quest for Snake Island

(2009 video)

Pirate movie from the same Ottawa filmmakers.

Amanda Leigh: fully clothed sex, puffy shirt style.

Thea Nikolic: very nice cleavage.

Blood Red Moon

(2010 video)

Teen vampire movie from the same Ottawa filmmakers.

Sarah Lavrisa: cleavage.


While I Breathe

(2011 short; trailer)

Madison Desjarlais: sexy.

Evil Feed

(2013; trailer)

DVD is in only available in Australia, druth.

 Shirleyann Mason aka Alyson Bath: nude sex scene.

stripper: don't know her name but she's a real pig.

TV and Film Clips

Perdita Weeks and Lerato Motshwarakgole in Flight of the Storks (2012) in 1080p



Deborah Shelton in Nemesis (1993; 1080p)


Bobbi Jean Smith in Yossi (2012)

more pics of Kendall-Leigh Neuner of "Barter Kings"