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At Play in the Fields of the Lord


Scoop's note: The quality is not impressive, but this is in the 4:3 aspect ratio, which shows a lot in the Southern Hemisphere. To my knowledge, there is no Region 1 DVD of this intense 3+ hour film film. I'm going to see what I can find overseas, cuz I just can't get enough of Kathy Bates in the buff.

Daryl Hannah's well-known nude scenes. 496x368. Summary below.

Kathy Bates film. 496x368. Summary below.

other actresses. 496x368



Today's 1970s clips:

Nadia Cassini in When Women Played Ding Dong. In 1971 the venerable Aristophanes play Lysistrata was finally turned into an Italian bedroom farce about cavemen, as the Good Lord intended! A powerhouse 3.5 at IMDb.

Patricia Pearcy in Cockfighter (1974). This is a nearly forgotten film directed by the legendary Monte Hellman. It features his main men, Warren Oates and Harry Dean Stanton. You've probably never seen it, since producer Roger Corman thought it was a money-loser, re-cut it, and re-named it. He removed some of the graphic cockfighting and added nudity. He also promoted it with a trailer than showed footage not in the film! The re-cut was released to VHS as Born to Kill. Cockfighter is the name of Hellman's original cut, which was released on DVD by Anchor Bay.

Stephanie Powers in Crescendo (1970). If you want to see her stuff, this is just about your only chance.



Film Clips

Solene Rigot in La Permission De Minuit (2011). See below.

Sonia Jacob in La ligne droite (2011) in 720p. See below.

Krystal Vee in The Lazarus Papers (2010) in 720p. See below.

Roberta Stellato, Adriana Marega, and Martina Codecasa in Sul Mare (2010). See below.

Olga Kurylenko in Kirot (2009) in 720p. See below.

Moon Bloodgood in Terminator Salvation (2009) in 1080p with adjusted color. See below.



Pauline Porizkova caught topless in the Caribbean this week

Nicole Moore in Maneater (2009)

Allison Kyler in Maneater (2009)

Mercy Malick in Maneater (2009)

Pernille Vallentin in Deliver Us from Evil (2009)

Lena "Aqua" Nystrom in Deliver Us from Evil (2009)

Jessica Franz in Football is Our Life (2000)