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Mandingo refers to an African group which seems to be especially suited for brawling with bare knuckles and servicing neglected southern belles. In this case, the designated Mandingo is played by the former heavyweight boxing champion Ken Norton (Wikipedia), who in real life was a pretty good brawler with the knuckles padded. He fought Muhammed Ali three times, with all three fights going the distance. Norton won the first in a split decision and broke Ali's jaw in the process, thus winning the championship and handing Ali only the second defeat in his illustrious career. (Ali's only previous loss had been to Smokin' Joe Frazier.) Ali won the rematch on another split decision, and a highly controversial one at that. Ali won the third fight three years later when Norton got far ahead and "coasted" too early. All cards showed Norton ahead 6-2 after 8 rounds, but he managed to blow a 15 round decision - unanimously!

Norton took time off from boxing in between the second (September 1973) and third (September 1976) Ali fights, and it was in this period that he made two much-reviled exploitation films about slavery, this one and its 1976 quasi-sequel, Drum. After that period, Norton returned to the ring and would eventually be awarded the heavyweight championship one more time on a technicality. The champ would not fight Norton, who was the #1 contender, so the WBC stripped Leon Spinks of the title and handed it to Norton. Norton lost that paper title in his very first defense, so he retains the rare honor of having been champion without having won a fight! Whether his reign was based on a mere technicality or not, the fact remains that Ken Norton was recognized as the world heavyweight champion both before and after having starred in Mandingo and Drum. In terms of qualifications for the part, Norton was no actor, but one must concede that the man knew what to do with his fists.

His athletic abilities were not restricted to fisticuffs. He was one of the greatest high school athletes in history, if not THE greatest. He was a champion in pretty much every track and field event. He won so many different events in an Illinois track meet that he single-handedly forced the state to enact a rule change which limited any participant to three events. (It's still called the "Ken Norton Rule.")

The Southern Belle in need of his manly services in this film is played by Susan George. Her lame husband, who spends most of his time having sex with slave girls, is played by Perry King, and her crotchety father-in-law is played by James Mason.

This film was banned by the Catholic church. Usually, being banned by the "Legion of Decency" was the mark of a must-see film, but not in this case. One reviewer noted: "Every once in a while you stumble upon a movie that leaves you completely speechless. You sit in stunned silence with only an occasional "My God!" escaping from your lips. "Mandingo" is such a movie, a film that's so hilarious and hysterically offensive that it's a wonder that African-Americans nationwide didn't storm Paramount studios and slaughter the executives who green-lighted it." Take away the slave-impregnating and prize fighting and there would be nearly nothing left of the tedious 127 minute running time other than slave-whipping and slave-boiling. I doubt that this film can even be defended as an accurate look at slavery. After all, slaves were valuable property, and nobody in his right mind treats valuable property this badly. I found the film not only offensive, but boring as well. I found no character worth knowing, and saw no reason for the film to have been made.

Perry King performed full frontal male nudity, which was unheard of at the time.

Susan George shows breasts in a very dark sex scene. Several other women also show body parts.

Susan George


Brenda Sykes


Debbi Morgan


Debra Blackwell


Laura Misch Owens


Reda Wyatt












The Holiday weekend seems to have limited my time. Here are some caps from Scoop's film clip of Lisa
Arturo in Insanitarium.

This one is fine if you like your boobs with a little blood.

Personally I liked her boobs better in "National Lampoon's Cattle Call".






Notes and collages

Basic Instinct


Sharon Stone


T.J. Hooker

TV show (1982-1986)

Lisa Hartman







Fairy Tales


This and upcoming columns: some clips from Fairy Tales

This adult version of the Brothers Grimm stories is a hoot. You got your Idy Tripoldi to start off things and your Linnea Quigley to finish 'em up. Between those two, Angela Aames and former Pet Mariwin Roberts and a bunch of others give up the goodies. There is even a reverse Hankster scene in which guys are chained to the wall and nekkid gals are offering to whip they sing Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar. One of the singing whipsters - the brunette - is Evelyn Guerrero.

Clip #6: Anne Gaybis (sample below)









The Ruins


Here are the film clips of Laura Ramsey and Jena Malone (Warning: 200+ meg).

The collages are below:











Imagining Argentina


Emma Thompson film clip







Nothing nude from the Great White North this week, not even from Traci Lords.

"Sweating Bullets"

episode: "Katie's Secret"


An episode from the season 3 DVD set which has never aired in syndication in Canada. Has a rare post-porn acting appearance by Traci Lords.

Traci Lords: sexy as lingerie model.

Sabrina Boudot: bikini, catfight with Traci.


The Party Never Stops: Diary of a Binge Drinker

(2007) (TV)

Sounds like a sequel to American Pie's Beta House but it's an educational movie. For some reason the actresses wear shorts over their bikini bottoms. Have they ever heard of a bikini wax?

Sara Paxton: tiny bikini top riding up her boobs.

Chelsea Hobbs: cleavage in bikini.


Black Widower

(2006) (TV)

Typical cable movie with no nudity and women in various colors of underwear.

Bjanka Murgel: bra and panties.

Natalie Brown: bra and panties.

Anna Jaeger: cleavage and upskirt as stripper/hooker on witness stand.


"Robson Arms"

season 3, episode: "Baby, What Baby?"

Gabrielle Miller shows a ton of MILF cleavage.

Unfortunately this series got canceled recently so those puppies will never come out to play.



"Student Bodies"

episode: "Victor Gets Drunk"

Katie Emme gets puked on and has to change out of her sweater and brassiere. But the plaid shirt she changes into is so loose-fitting you can only imagine the free range puppies underneath.


Cleaning up my hard drive...


Ona Grauer: leg and cleavage in "Lost Behind Bars".

Kathleen Robertson: sexy in "Last Exit".

Leslie Hopps: partial nude in "A Family of Strangers".

Mary Delver: sexy in "New Addams Family" episode.








The women of 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days

Anamaria Marinca

and Laura Vasiliu


Film Clips

Vahina Giocante and Audrey Tautou in Le Libertin (2000)

Two from Backstreet Justice (1994): Linda Kozlowski and Patricia Skeriotis

I guess that Mrs. Crocodile is now officially retired. She was only worked once since 1996, and she couldn't avoid that because it was a Crocodile Dundee sequel.


And two new films:

Teresa Palmer in Restraint (2008, samples right)
Gillian Shure in Dead and Gone (also 2008, sample right)