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Island Rhythms


Island Rhythms (2003) is another dual region erotic romance made for the couples market.

Skye Ashton and her husband are living in a tropical Caribbean paradise. (It was actually filmed in Negril, Jamaica.) She is supporting him as a cocktail waitress and dreams of being a photographer. He suggests she reopen an empty hotel, and, as luck would have it, she acquires one free of charge from the government. She enlists her friend, Amber Griebel to work with her in the venture. Fixing it up evidently cost no money, and they soon start accepting guests.

The first guests present challenges:

  • First, a honeymoon couple arrives, and they are not getting along. In fact, the wife, Nicola Stephenson, is a raving bitch.
  • The second guest is a single guy with a hidden agenda. He wants to run the place himself, and decides that romancing Amber Griebel is the fastest way to get there.

Negatives: the plot is weak, the sex is tepid, and some of the sex scenes are way too dark.

Positives: this film is mindless but pleasant. The characters are likeable and the entire film is light and cheerful, including the ending. Valérie Pronovost, Skye Ashton, Nicola Stephenson and three unknowns show everything, and Amber Griebel shows breasts and buns.


It is very rare, and only available from in a dual region (1 and 4) DVD in English with optional Spanish subtitles. Click on the image below for details.

Island Rhythms (2003)

There are not enough IMDb votes to give this rarely-seen film a statistically meaningful score.


Valerie Pronovost


Skye Ashton


Nicola Stephenson.


Amber Griebel











Blood Relic

Today we stay in the horror movie mode with a silly but fun flick Blood Relic, with some nice nudity.

Caitlain Sabins shows off the bod as she is threatened and groped by what turns out to be her boyfriend in some role-playing fun. Later however she winds up a dead topless "Babe in Bondage".


Debbie Rochon reveals a boob.


Jennifer Lauren Grant keeps her clothes on (I guess because she's the star. She is "All Tied Up.")


Kelly Ray plays strip poker and she is losing, but we win. Later she  enters the "Hankster Babes in Bondage Hall of Fame" as she is strung up and hanged topless.




Melanie Rademaker shows off her tiny titties.








Notes and collages

More Britt Ekland

 Get Carter








Alone With Her

The movie is shot through the eyes and camera lenses of Doug (Colin Hanks), who begins to stalk a beautiful woman Amy (Ana Claudia Talancon). He watches her every action and slowly manipulates her into a relationship.

I think this movie promotes stalking the women you like. In the end he gets the girl, but of course he is so messed up that ends up killing her instead of having sex with her ... just like she wanted.

Ana Claudia is superb playing the victim here, she did a great job and the Director also did a good job making Amy a very real character, someone you may know.

Scoop's note: Vejiita did not do these clips from this film,  but this seems like the right place to place them on the page!


Ana Claudia Talancon










Allana Rhodes
Angelie Almendare
Ashley Rhea
Brinke Stevens
Darian Caine
Debbie Rochon
Dita von Teese
Elkie Cooper
Gaelle Comparat
Glori-Anne Gilbert
Janet Tracy Keijser
Loridawn Messuri
Lydia Lunch (film clips)
Lynn Lowry
Melissa Wolf
Misty Mundae
Tiffany Shepis
Venesa Talor







In this strange and interesting 2001 Indy drama from Canada, a young woman runs away from her older lover after he becomes too demanding and oppressive, bordering on abuse.

Wandering the streets, she meets Sandra (Joanna Going), who is leaving the city herself to return home after the death of her father. As things progress, Lola is confronted with a major decision, one that could be life-changing or life-threatening.

A very unique and well-done story, with great acting. Very worthwhile.


Joanna Going






Londsay Lohan celebrates her birthday as we might have expected - with her butt hanging out of her bikini

A film clip of Greta Scacchi in The Coca-Cola Kid. This is from a full screen DVD, so it shows plenty of her lower body.

Idina Menzel in Just a Kiss (film clip) - sample to right
Vera Jordanova in Hostel II