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"Red Oaks"

s1e1; 1920x1080

Adriana DeGirolami

Alexandra Turshen




Lina Esco



Johnny's comments:

The horror anthology Holidays features stories based around various days of notice throughout the year like Valentine's Day, Mother's and Father's Day, St. Patrick's Day etc. Made by a group of directors who have made a horror movie and also Kevin Smith, whose increasing hatefulness is showing no signs of stopping. Pretty much all anthology movies are hit and miss, mostly miss. and Holidays is mostly miss. The best segnments are probably Mother's Day, Father's Day and maybe St. Patrick's Day.

Sophie Traub film clip (collage below)

Karina Noelle film clip (sample below)

Other women film clip (samples below)


The Impossible


Naomi Watts film clips (samples below)

TV/Film clips

Dorian Dane Dantes and Lucy Von Trapp in Hello Gangster (2016) in 720p


Von Trapp

Yuliya Peresild and Anjorka Strechel (& others) in Kray (2008) in 1080hd


Emma Watson - slight areola slip

Lindsay Lohan

wrestler Paige