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The latest episode of Odysseus featured some nudity from Capucine Delaby

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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


Daisy Diamond


Here is Aesthete's complete summary of the nudity in Daisy Diamond, upsized to 1920x1040

Some of these duplicate the sample set from the other day, although there is FAR more today. If you are a collector, just delete the earlier ones and save this group, which is a full set.



Some scans of an exploitation film legend, Uschi Dagard of the mammoth mams.


A few notes from Spaz:

Confirmed: the nudity has been removed for the US broadcast of Vikings. In episode 5 Maude Hirst is full frontal in the European version

 but fully clothed in the US version.

What's next to be seen is Alyssa Sutherland's fully nude skinnidipping scene which is so heavily cropped  only her bare shoulders can be seen. The uncensored series should be released on DVD in France in the near future.

Film/TV clips

Barbara Cabrita in Fortunes (2008)

1080p clips from the season two Blu-Ray of Deadwood:

Sarah Paulson, s2e6

Molly Parker, s2e1

Isabelle Carre in La femme defendue (1997)


Jill Evyn in Axe Giant

1080p caps of Anne Hathaway in Sex, Love and Other Drugs

a new-to-me scan of Bettie Page