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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








2 Days in the Valley


Teri Hatcher DVD film clips. No real nudity. Raw captures below.

Charlize Theron DVD film clips. Raw captures below.

Charlize was an absolute unknown when she made this film. I think it was her first credited role.







Today is a "Hankster Light" day.

True Lies


The Time Machine goes back to the nineties for "True Lies" as Jamie Lee Curtis does a strip tease for the Governor Arnie. No nudity, but Jamie has a killer body in this sexy scene.

Scoop's note. Before Halle Berry did that underwear scene in Swordfish, I always considered this the sexiest non-nude scene. I think Hank will have a film clip coming soon.




TV Land

Over in TV Land a little leg from "American Morning's" newsbabe Kiran Chetry. Caps and a HD clip.







Notes and collages

The Choirboys


Phyllis Davis








Intimate Obsession


Multi-part presentation:

Monique Parent alone, part 2 (Sample below)








Lady Gaga topless


Holly Madison in The Girls Next Door

Film Clips

Alexandra Lamy and Armelle Deutsch in Vive La Vie

The Carroll Baker film festival concludes with the third Lenzi film, Cosi Dolce Cosi Perversa. Also from this film: Beryl Cunningham, Erika Blanc and Helga Line.

The legendary Sonia Braga in Gabriela. Also in this film: Divana Brandao, Lucy Mafra, and Tania Boscoli.

The Mia Zottoli film mini-festival continues with 7 Lives Exposed.